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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

YouTube Tests To Enable Indian Viewers Access Content In Their Own Language

The head of YouTube India Ishan John Chatterjee states the company aspires to truly help make important health information more widely available.

YouTube has resolved to take steps to make its videos more inclusive for India's multilingual society. The video streaming platform announced at a 'Google for India' event that the new function is being tested where users can switch the audio track into a variety of languages as per their convenience, ANI reported.

"Video is a particularly effective format for publishing health information in ways that are accessible and digestible not only to professionals but to everyone," said Ishan John Chatterjee, director of YouTube India. He further proceeded that the company wants to truly help homogenize access to vital health information, according to a report in US-grounded tech portal TechCrunch. Chatterjee stated he and his staff have been committed to close collaboration with healthcare experts and have been investing in technologies that would let them develop multilingual content efficiently which would in turn help viewers at a large scale.

New update for YouTube users

At present, a few healthcare videos are available in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi. Once this function is completely released, viewers will see an option named "Audio Track" on the settings menu. The option will include a list of languages in which audio is available for a specific video.

Google has also teased the development as it starts testing 'Aloud', a dubbing feature. The new product, by Area 120 accelerator, will help transcribe, rephrase, and style original content to multiple languages.

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