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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

Joe Rogan Sides with Marvel in the endless DC vs Marvel debate

Joe Rogan, who has a significant impact on the public these days, has taken over the web with his distinctive and emotional perspective on many things happening around the world today. The UFC Color Commentator has been captivating people with all possible backgrounds with his skills and intelligence, from discussing geopolitical matters to addressing casual topics that may lure a wider audience.

With Rogan's interests spanning a wide range of subjects, he is also a huge nerd regarding comics and pop culture. He is well-known to be acquainted with several notable DC Films and Marvel Studios actors, and he has freely discussed how superheroes and supervillains from both of these pop-culture powerhouses have inspired his life. Although, like most readers of these outlets, he has a preference.

Joe Rogan Goes Gor Marvel Comics!

Joe Rogan's reputation has grown through the platform of his podcast, and he now has a fan base comparable to that of a few major talk programs. His views on several topics have had a significant influence on the online community, and people frequently seek his opinion. Among the numerous interesting subjects of conversation, superheroes and comic books are something he likes discussing on a frequent basis.

Together with analyzing many aspects of the MCU and the DCEU, Rogan is an ardent follower of comic book mythology from both publishers. People have long questioned which of the two Joe Rogan prefers because he is frequently seen returning to the source materials of the two. The response was already offered by Rogan during an interview with Alonzo Bodden, in which he discusses his dislike of the 'Smart Hulk,' and specifies he is a major Marvel fan.

This revelation may ruffle the feelings of The Joe Rogan Experience fans who prefer DC to Marvel, as the show has welcomed numerous people related to both Marvel and DC.

Since the beginning of comic book production, there has been a competition to see who has the finest selection of superheroes. Fans have kept the discussion heated by all the means, from comparing powers to whole battle simulations between superheroes from different universes. Though many characters on both sides of the aisle have commonalities, supporters continue to disregard them in order to maintain the dominance of their particular preferred realm, and will do so until the end of time.

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