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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

Google’s Reading Mode app helps visually disabled people read long-form content

Along with its Android update for December, Google has launched a new app called Reading Mode. It helps people with visual imparities and dyslexia read the content on the screen - especially papers.

The recently released app works on any device running Android 9.0 or over. Once you install it on your phone, you'll have to turn on the toggle for the app under the Availability settings. This allows the app to have a floating button on the screen all the time, so you can turn any app or webpage into a more accessible interpretation.

Reading Mode turns the content on the current screen into a simpler format. It features controls for conforming discrepancy, fountain type, line space and size. What’s more, you can ask it to read out the content on the screen and control the playback speed. The app also allows you to snappily change the reading voice as well. druggies can also turn on a toggle to have the app highlight current textbook being read by the voiceover point.

Google formerly offers a number of availability tools, including a screen anthology with TalkBack and a erected-in Braille keyboard. As the name suggests, Reading Mode has been specifically designed to read or listen to long textbooks, similar to online papers. It is n’t meant to read everything that's on the screen like buttons and their purposes.

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