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Wedding invitations with QR codes: benefits and use

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Wedding QR Codes

Invitations are a must-have for organizing a wedding. You address invitations to family, friends, and colleagues to inform them about celebration details. To make invitations unique and modern, use the QR code generator and make an online wedding invitation with a QR code. 

The QR code wedding invitation goals

You need QR code invitation cards to invite guests to the event formally. An interactive code can contain any information you want to share, and one can access it through their smartphone. There are many benefits of invitations made using QR technology:

  • a memorable way to invite loved ones to your celebration;

  • quick sending out of invitations;

  • an opportunity to find out the exact number of guests in advance;

  • saving money on printed invitations.
QR Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation with a QR code is much more functional than a traditional one. You can invite guests to your wedding with it while minimizing the hassle associated with the organization.  

5 unique ways to make a wedding card with a QR code

With the QR code generator for wedding invitations, you can make unique, memorable, and functional invitations. See for yourself - check out these 5 ideas for organizing your wedding.

QR code for a couple's love story

Even if your close people know how you met, they will be interested in learning more about your love story. For this, you should generate a QR code with a PowerPoint slide show or video presentation featuring funny, unique, touching, and previously unknown details of your first date.

Story QR Code
Wedding Program QR

QR code for a wedding program

Write out the detailed plan of your event in advance, thus making the invitations as valuable and informative as possible. You can create a QR code with information about the time and place of the wedding reception, banquet hall address, and other necessary details. You can add plain text, Google Maps, or PDF to the QR code.

QR code for the gallery of newlyweds' pictures

You can make a QR code with a series of photos to use it as a unique invitation or decoration at the wedding ceremony. With this virtual gallery, your guests can view the happiest moments of your life. You can add 20 images to one QR code with the ME-QR generator.

 QR Code Gallery
QR Code Gallery

QR code for a wedding invitation with RSVP

Try to create a wedding RSVP QR code. Guests will be asked if they can attend your wedding after scanning the QR code. You can create a QR code for RSVP to estimate the number of guests in advance. This is especially important when booking a banquet hall, planning a wedding photo shoot, etc.

QR code for a book with greetings

To keep the memory of your wedding beyond photos and videos, you can create a QR code for wedding greetings. This interactive code will let you collect text greetings from your loved ones to combine them later in a virtual book to commemorate your family's most important day.

QR Code Greetings

A wedding card with a QR code is much more than a simple invitation card. With it, you can simplify your wedding planning and turn the tiring organizational process into pleasant memories!


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