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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

5 soft skills to give young workers an advantage as listed by LinkedIn

Recent graduates may find themselves tripping into an uncertain employment market as economic concerns and layoffs dominate the news. Many American graduates between the ages of 18 and 54 are concerned about their "career readiness," as shown by a recent poll.

According to the survey, over half of new grads claimed they didn't apply for entry level employment because they felt underqualified. And for individuals who are fresh to the workforce, that poses an even greater problem.  Lack of experience when young people first enter the profession may be a difficulty, as per Pooja Chhabria, career expert and head of editorial for Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn.

While Gen Z employees, those between the ages of 18 and 24, may be concerned about their lack of experience, some businesses are, says LinkedIn, "aggressively" hiring.

In October 2022, for instance, job listings on the site increased year over year in industries including government administration, which saw increases of 52% in Australia and an astounding 88% in Singapore.  While opportunities in logistics and supply chain increased by 41% in Singapore, retail job listings increased by 114% in Australia and 49% in India.

Even though those professions come from various industries, they all put a priority on soft skills, which Chhabria said are important in a variety of fields and occupations.

How to catch the eye

As per Chhabria, businesses are starting to prioritize talents above conventional experience-based recruiting practices.

This is due to the fast speed of change and disruption that industries are undergoing, and skills-based recruiting enables companies to select employees who are most suited to meet their changing workforce requirements, she noted.

“87% of recruiters believe skills are crucial as they vet candidates. A skills-based approach also creates a much broader talent pool, and diversity of talent is necessary for remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.”

According to LinkedIn research, a skills-based hiring strategy would grow the whole Gen Z talent pool throughout Asia Pacific by 10.8 times in Australia, 14.1 times in India, and 7 times in Singapore.

Although hard skills are always essential for landing a job, soft skills may make applicants stand out from the crowd. Chhabria continued by saying that hard skills can help you catch a recruiter's eye, but soft skills can help you win the job.

Hard skills are the specialized knowledge needed to perform your job. For instance, if you are applying to work as a sales professional, you must be familiar with sales procedures and the usage of a CRM platform, the expert said.  But you also need soft skills, such as presentation skills to make a strong sales pitch to your client or communication abilities to speak confidently with both the client and your team.

According to LinkedIn, the top five soft skills that young professionals should prioritize developing in the coming year are as follows:

- Communication: The ability to clearly express your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions so that others may comprehend what you are saying.

- Time management: With the popularity of remote work, managing your time effectively has become even more crucial for earning your employer's confidence and showcasing the value you provide to the company.

- Critical thinking: The capacity to comprehend and respond to a situation in light of all relevant information and facts.

- Problem-solving: Developing solutions and seeking out fresh approaches to solving problems.

- Interpersonal skills: In a post-pandemic workplace, the capacity to form bonds and cooperate with teams throughout the world is crucial.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one approach to acquire these skills. Taking on new tasks or projects may boost your problem-solving skills and provide you the opportunity to gain experience with pressure, criticism, and disagreement, according to Chhabria.

Young professionals may also want to think about joining networking or professional organizations. You may practice your interpersonal and communication skills on these great platforms.


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