Dear users and visitors of resource!

A big part of our team is working from our offices all over Ukraine.
On 24 February 2022, at 5.00 AM the armed forces of the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine.
Ukraine is defending itself now.
Russian missiles and military are targeting civilian infrastructure and killing innocent people in Ukrainian cities.
The Ukrainian army is fighting for peace and independence for our country.
We are working for you from Ukraine now and we need your help and support.
What can you do for Ukraine?
Our army needs your help now.
Our soldiers defend our country in fierce battles 24 hour per day while Ukrainian citizens are hiding in shelters from explosions and shots. All our ME-QR team appeals to YOU to help Ukraine in this hard time. Click on the button “Help Ukraine” below this text and transfer the money to support the Ukrainian army.
By clicking on this button we will show you pop-up to choose the currency and enter the amount. After that you should click to Donate button inside of pop-up and you will be redirect to the payment page. This way you will transfer money for ME TEAM LTD bank account. After that we will transfer money to National Bank of Ukraine without commission.
All confirmations of money transactions from ME TEAM LTD to National Bank of Ukraine will be placed on this page.
Andriana, support manager

Dear customers, every day we communicate with you via chats and email. Sorry that sometimes you have to wait a long time for an answer - we are forced to hide from missiles and air strikes in shelters. Now our country is in wounds because of the Russian attack. But we can handle everything. And we really need your help. If you can help financially, please do so. If this is not possible, spread the word, do not close your eyes to these terrible events. You can save lives.

Anna, marketing manager

Our team puts a lot of work and time into creating and maintaining this resource. We do it for you, for your convenience and your needs. The war has come to my country and now we ask for help from each of you. Because your actions matter.

Max, PHP developer

Every day I complete my tasks in spite of explosions and shots outside the window. And each of you can do your part to stop this. What you can do today can affect my tomorrow. Do not stay away, do not be indifferent.


Dear visitors. As the director of this company and Ukrainian, I ask you to take the problem of war in Ukraine seriously. Below, me and my team have placed a button that leads to the opportunity to save Human lives. This is an official way to transfer money to help the Ukrainian army, which is currently engaged in real battles with the Russian aggressor.

What can you do for Ukraine except money transactions?
Russian people are misinformed and most of them don’t know what really happen in Ukraine now.
You can read and spread truthful verified information:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Twitter: Facebook:
Embassy of Ukraine in your country (Web, Facebook & Twitter)
Independent Ukrainian news resources:
Web: Twitter:
Ukraine’s official social media accounts
Web: Instagram: