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Insta QR code
Instagram is one of the most popular apps, especially when it comes to image sharing, and one of the channels that digital marketers have undoubtedly used as part of their marketing tool to advertise and promote their brand, services, product and audience.
A while ago, Instagram gave its users the opportunity to create their own QR code for Instagram. It is much more convenient to use the QR code than the Nametags function, because QR can be scanned not only with the Instagram camera, but also with the usual one.
QR code for SM
What is the use of QR code for an Instagram account?
First, it allows you to speed up the process of searching the user, because you do not need to manually enter the nickname. You just need to scan the QR code and the user's page will open automatically.
Secondly, this feature is very convenient for store accounts, because it allows you to quickly open a product catalog.
Businesses can create a QR code and print it on products, signs, or menus, which increase customer engagement.
QR code in Instagram
Just type "qr code generator Instagram" in order to find a site where you can generate code. It is very easy to create QR code for Instagram on our website, QR code generator free will help you with this. The program will create and display your unique code and link to your profile. We provide you with the ability to generate a QR code online and it’s dynamic QR code. This option allows you to edit your QR code and track the scanning of the QR code.
You can share the generated code for your page not only on Instagram, but also on other social networks. It is a bright and convenient tool for drawing attention to your profile.
Make link QR code
How to create a QR-code for Instagram on our website?
1. Open ME-QR;
2. Select the type of QR-code (QR-code for the link);
3. Paste the link to your Instagram page. For this purpose it is better to open it in a browser and copy the link;
4. Press the "Generate QR-code" button;
5. Download your QR-code.
Manual for Instagram QR