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Info Designer QR codes are scanned more often than usual in 90% of cases.
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Easy Steps to Your Unique QR-Code


Fill Out the Terms of Reference Form

Fill out the form provided to give our manager an idea of the upcoming work.

Processing the Application & Signing the Contract

The application is processed by us, the preliminary design is agreed upon, and the terms of the contract, including the price, are negotiated.

Development of Your Unique Code

Our design team develops and presents your ready-made original QR code in a timely manner.

Artists Can Turn QR-Codes into ART for Your Brand!

Although a design QR code creation is a very complex and time-consuming process, the result exceeds all expectations in the fight for the attention of customers!
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What Are ART QR Codes?

Art QR codes go beyond the ordinary, offering a personalized touch to the digital world. Unlike generic codes, these are meticulously crafted by skilled designers, tailoring each code to the specific requirements and branding of the client. These codes are not merely functional; they are a fusion of technology and artistry.

Difference Between Artistic QR Code and QR Code With Logo

Distinguishing itself from a standard QR code with a logo, an artistic QR code serves as a unique element of branding and status for businesses. Its characteristics include a distinctive and creative design that not only captures attention but also inspires confidence. This bespoke approach provides a preview of the linked content, setting the stage for a more engaging user experience.


Distinctly Original Aesthetic

An artistic QR code stems from imaginative design thinking to produce a look that rises above generic codes.


Grabs Focus

The sheer visual attractiveness of artistic codes grabs people's attention at first glance, making the codes stay imprinted in their minds.


Boosts Perceived Reliability

A tailored QR code communicates professional polish, building faith and assurance around the brand it signifies.


Foreshadows Core Value

Prior to scanning, viewers receive a glimpse of associated content to pique interest and enrich the overall experience.

By integrating visual artistry with functional QR technology, artistic QR codes create an elevated branding impression that inspires audience engagement. Their unique aesthetics and bespoke designs set artistic codes apart as a distinctive marketing asset for any brand.

Bespoke QR Codes With Individual Design

In a world where QR codes have become ubiquitous across various fields, the ability to create a custom  code adds a layer of uniqueness. While many platforms offer generic QR code generation ONLY, ME-QR stands out by providing fully customized designs tailored to your brand. With our Bespoke QR code service, we ensure that each code is a unique representation of your brand, meticulously designed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.


Brand Fusion

Our artistic minds tailor QR codes that mirror your company's unique DNA, seamlessly weaving them into the fabric of your brand identity.


Spotlight Stealer

Ditch the yawn-inducing branding; our vibrant QR codes burst with color and life, making your brand the center of attention.


Trendy Tech

We're in tune with the latest design waves, crafting codes that seamlessly blend functionality with modern aesthetics.


Ad-Free Insights

Unburdened by annoying ads, our codes come packed with real-time scanning intel, giving you the inside scoop on how users interact.


Get ready for a 30-40% surge in action! Our bespoke QR codes entice visitors to engage and take those desired steps.


Benefits of Creating Personalized


Fully Customized for Your Brand

Our experts will create a design that fully reveals the individuality of your company.


Increase Your Brand Awareness

Let your brand be associated with something colorful and vibrant, not just the letters of its name.


Modern Design

Our work is carried out in accordance with modern trends in design and art.

Without Ads & with Statistics

We offer you custom QR codes ads-free and with a full real-time scanning analysis.


Increase Conversion by 30-40%

Visitors to your site, being impressed by the original QR code, will take targeted actions more often


Reduce Advertising Costs

There is no longer a need to make QR codes part of large advertising posters - they are now advertising themselves!


We understand the importance of aesthetics and attention-grabbing designs. Our goal is to provide you with QR codes that not only attract attention and inspire confidence but also serve as visual masterpieces in their own right.

Ready Logo

QR Code + 6 months Premium Free*


Turn your logo into an attention-grabbing QR code while preserving your brand's identity.


Custom Illustration

QR Code + 6 months Premium Free*


Collaborate with our talented designers to create a custom image or illustration that embodies your brand.


*Free Premium account without advertising for 6 months


ME-ART-QR Review Roundup

Discover what users have to say about their personalized QR code experiences with ME-ART-QR.

stars 5

I had an amazing experience with ME-ART-QR!


Creating my own QR code was such a breeze with their platform. The interface was user-friendly, and I appreciated having the option to work with professional designers to customize my QR code exactly how I wanted it. The designers were attentive to my specifications and provided creative suggestions that really enhanced the final result. The quality of the QR code was top-notch, and it scanned perfectly every time. I highly recommend ME-ART-QR to anyone looking for a professional and hassle-free way to create personalized QR codes.

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Emily Smith

Marketing Coordinator

stars 5

Best Crafting Custom QR Codes


ME-ART-QR offers a convenient solution for creating personalized QR codes with the help of professional designers. I found their platform easy to navigate, and the design process was straightforward. The designers were responsive to my requests and worked efficiently to deliver a QR code that met my expectations. While I wish there were more customization options available, I was still satisfied with the final product. The QR code generated by ME-ART-QR was of good quality and served its purpose well.

Overall, I had a positive experience using this service and would recommend it to others seeking to create their own unique QR codes.

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Michael Roberts

Small Business Owner


QR codes as works of ART

Creative QR code design blurs the line between a simple marketing solution and a full-fledged masterpiece. Let's see some outstanding examples:


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