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QR code advertisement: advantages and subtleties

If you want to keep pace with modern marketing trends and, most importantly, achieve tangible success in promoting your business, then don’t dismiss QR codes. Today, QR code advertising campaigns are reaching a new level, for many reasons. Let's find out why and how to apply QR technology in modern realities.

Benefits of QR ads in marketing

QR code examples in ads vary. They can be unremarkable or subtle, black and white or colorful, standard or unique, but at the same time, all of them have been and will be a powerful tool of modern marketing. There are many reasons for using a QR code, and here are some of the main ones:


  • simplicity. Anyone with a smartphone can open them here and now using a smartphone camera or scanner;
  • flexibility. QR code settings are easy to manage, which increases their chances to hit the target;
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  • variability. There are different types of QR codes conversion, depending on the set tasks;
  • multitasking. Any QR code type can contain a huge amount of information;
  • analytics. Everything that can be learned about the scanned data of your QR code is collected in the dashboard and is available to you in one click.


These are just a few of the most important reasons why the QR code in ads has become a top tool in recent years. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from high technologies.

4 ways to use QR codes in marketing


Regardless of the type of business and strategic plans, you can achieve more. So, let’s figure out how to use a QR code and get the most out of it.

#1. Track ROI

Getting the most out of your investment is the goal of any marketing campaign. You need instant connection with your client, and the implementation of this task through a QR code would be an ideal solution that is also almost free of charge. The clients scan the barcode - and you already get their attention.


There is no question that tracking ROI - the return on investment rate - is a top priority. Generating a QR code will help you monitor your ROI on digital and print ads and, in the future, adjust your overall advertising strategy.

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# 2. Test options

A/B testing helps find the ideal approach to potential clients, choose the very methods of promoting the website, pages in social networks and business in general, which will result in the highest ROI. Our complex QR code generator makes it possible to create different variants of codes and analyze their success.


You'll be able to accurately evaluate the more effective CTAs, headlines, designs, placement, and more. In fact, you are not limited in the number of experiments, because all QR codes will be saved in your account.

# 3. Engage omnichannel marketing

Key segments of interaction with the target audience are digital and printed communication channels. On the one hand, you can print a QR code on various surfaces. In this case, a user scans it through the QR scanner on the smartphone and gets access to the content.


On the other hand, the user will use a short link and open the very page you want to redirect it to. It’s quick and convenient for either party. When combined, these possibilities allow you to touch the target audience directly and indirectly.

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#4. Optimize and improve ad campaigns

Whether you choose to print a QR code on visible surfaces or use a short link, any format will provide you with information. Further, on the basis of the data obtained, it makes sense to think over the next step - to optimize the QR methods used to promote the site, social networks, and other channels.


For example, you’ll choose the best one out of all QR codes and massively launch it in advertising campaigns. You also have the opportunity to optimize average options and create a new concept that best meets the expectations of the target audience.

Thus, the use of a QR code brings the company closer to more targeted, effective, and native marketing. If you want to be truly customer-oriented in your field, you need to apply current marketing trends. By using the QR code generator, you get much closer to your goals! So try different titles, colors, styles, sizes, etc to realize your strategies.