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Modern technology of QR codes provides users with a convenient and functional tool for content distribution. Depending on your goals and wishes, you can encrypt text, audio or video file, or business card or restaurant menu in a QR code... The list of available formats is impressive: the QR code generator makes it possible to use the codes without restrictions for business, work, study, and personal purposes.
Have you ever felt the need to share data with limited access? For example, it can be data for hotel guests to connect to Wi-Fi, an exclusive presentation for partners, or a link for a friend... Perhaps you want to share confidential information or simply limit the number of users who can have access to the data. In this case, it’s worth creating a QR code online and setting a password to protect your content.
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Full and limited access to a QR code

So, to access the information, you only need to scan the QR code with a QR scanner or a smartphone camera, then absolutely anyone can have access to the content. That’s why we rightly say that the potential of QR codes is unlimited. The very purpose of QR technology is to make content easily accessible to everyone, and this raises the question of privacy.
However, for such situations, there is a traditional solution: a password. If you make a passworded QR code using a link, you’ll give access to the content to only one person or a limited group of people. Thus, you can make your QR code public, and don’t worry that all users will have access to the information. Note that no one will go past the security code page without a password! And just like that you can make your content private and control access to it.
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There are a lot of examples of situations when you need to create a QR code and set a password. For example, the need to share confidential working papers, make access to the paid content, launch a preliminary book release, open access to the beta version of the game, and so on. And for this reason, ME-QR service developers have added the function to create passwords for your QR codes.
The process of using such a QR code is almost similar to the standard one: your users need to scan the code, then enter a password in a field that will appear on the screen of their devices and after that, they’ll see the encrypted content. If a user doesn’t know the password, then they won’t get access to the information. The QR code won’t redirect a person directly to the content, but first to a web page with a password. As soon as the password is entered correctly, the user will be redirected to the required page.
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How to create a password for a QR code

To generate a QR code with a password, you need to do the following:
log into your account on the ME-QR service (only registered users have access to advanced options, including creating, changing, and deleting a password for a QR code)
go to the “QR codes” section, where all the previously created QR codes are saved;
select the code you want to create a password for;
click on the "Create QR password" button;
come up with and enter a password in a new window, then click on the "Set password" button.
Changing and deleting the password of the QR code is also easy. You can edit it at any time. So if at some point you want to make your content available to a wide audience, just remove the password in the settings. While doing that the link to the QR code and its content will remain unchanged.
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