How to increase cosmetics sales using QR codes

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The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in the world. According to Allied Market Research, the global beauty market will reach $463.5 billion in the next 5 years. It would seem that this area is flourishing but additional tools to increase sales are always in demand.

Brands in the beauty industry are actively using modern technology achievements. Marketing in social networks, cooperation with influencers, large-scale events holding - these methods have long become popular ones. The QR code generator use is also on the list of must-have tools that help increase the cosmetic brand’s awareness and boost cosmetics sales. And here are some of the effective ways to apply QR technology.

5 ideas for creating QR codes to advertize cosmetic products

1. Place a QR code on cosmetics samples to increase full-size products sales

Distribution of samples is the perfect way to promote any cosmetic product: perfumes, decorative cosmetics, body and face care products, etc. It’s perfect for advertising both a new product and brand best-seller. By allowing your customers to try a sample, you’ll help them decide whether to purchase a product in a full-size package.

Therefore, most cosmetic brands distribute samplers for free. It’s only important not to seize the moment and encourage the client to buy a full-size product in time. To do this, you can make a QR code using a link to a cosmetic product page on your website. The client can easily get acquainted with the cosmetics detailed description, composition, and application method and place an order.

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2. Motivate customers to leave product reviews

According to the latest Yotpo beauty research, almost half of respondents consider reviews the most important factor when making a buying decision. Therefore, your brand should be interested to encourage customers to share their opinions about the purchased cosmetics and your service. This approach will set off a chain reaction and increase cosmetic products sales exponentially.

What you need for this: create a QR code with a feedback form. The received comments will help you identify your product’s strong and weak points, find out the current needs of the target audience, and collect new ideas for brand development. By placing a QR code for review gathering, you’ll receive valuable information, and your buyers will only need to scan the code to share their opinion.

3. Make the interactive and large-scale advertising campaign 

Cosmetic brands successfully use native advertising in social networks, viral content, phygital marketing, and other relevant advertising techniques. But it is in the beauty industry that traditional print advertising is very popular. According to INMA research, 82% of people still trust printed information sources: magazines, newspapers, leaflets, posters, and so on. An excellent example is L'Oreal's marketing campaigns: the brand spent $683.7 million only on magazine ads in 1 year.

Therefore, print advertising is still in demand to market cosmetic brands, but still, together with online promotion, companies can achieve much greater success. Think about how to make a QR code for free and seamlessly place it on a poster, banner, sign.QR code in ads will allow you to simultaneously hold the attention of your target audience through print methods, as well as develop your website and social media accounts. For example, try to generate a QR code with a discount coupon provided a purchase is made on the official website and place it on an advertising poster in the city center.

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4. Scale brand influence on the target audience through customer loyalty

Many buyers prefer to make not one-time but regular purchases of their favorite brand’s cosmetics. Your goal is to become the most favorite brand of people to encourage them to visit your promotional events, take your branded notebooks to work, and so on.

To do this, you need to constantly work on developing your audience’s loyalty. The QR code generator can help make the whole process much easier. For example, try creating a QR code with an informative video about skincare. The information abundance makes people appreciate the really useful content a lot.

5. Get valuable statistics with QR codes

In addition to their functional advantages, QR codes can provide a brand with valuable statistics. Many companies in this industry rely on retailers to provide them with data on certain products sales during a specific time. And by using the QR code generator, you can not only create but also track your codes. This information will come directly from buyers and include the code scan data, information about the devices that are used, the scans’ geography, and so on.

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Thus, the cosmetics QR code is a valuable interactive tool for businesses in the beauty industry. You can use it to develop your brand, increase sales, analyze your advertising campaigns, and further advance your brand!