The use of QR codes in phygital marketing

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QR in Marketing

Phygital marketing is a new direction in the world of advertising, which includes the combination of traditional and digital marketing tools to boost their effectiveness. Expanding the audience, improving customer service quality, increasing conversion and sales are the main phygital marketing objectives. Thus, QR codes and phygital marketing have one thing in common: both of these tools aim to combine the virtual and real-world for the common good.

QR Code Design

Synergy between phygital marketing and QR codes

If phygital marketing implies close interconnection and integration of the virtual environment into the reality of human life, then QR technology can become a tool for ensuring the interaction of online and offline worlds. Indeed, the QR code is an innovative and functional way to improve the traditional approach to advertising, because it provides a quick, easy, and contactless transfer of information to the user. You can generate a QR code for any establishment, occasion, and audience.

The QR code content can be whatever you want it to be: text, image, link, video file, restaurant menu, data for connecting to WI-FI, etc. QR technology makes content easily accessible from mobile devices. Such a tool combines offline advertising campaigns and digital promotion of a product on the Internet.

Moreover, it’s very easy and quick to create a QR code, even if this is your first time. You just need to make a few clicks and then print and distribute the code. Such codes are created with the help of a QR code generator, for example, ME-QR. Our service will allow you to use dynamic QR codes for launching advertising campaigns, customizing QR code design, editing the content if necessary, and receiving feedback by analyzing the statistics of scannings.

How to use QR codes in phygital marketing

As you can see, a QR code can encode different content, which means it’s suitable for a wide range of tasks. We suggest considering several specific examples of QR technology applications in modern phygital marketing.

Automate the scan-and-buy system

This is a successful idea for sellers who sell products both online and offline. Just add a QR code to a label or price tag so that the user can learn more about the product of interest. This approach increases the chances of purchase in a particular store since all information about the product will be available to the buyer from a smartphone, which means they don’t need to search for it manually on the Internet.

Create your QR code page

This is a great alternative to traditional landing pages for companies that don't have official websites. Thanks to the ME-QR QR code generator, you just need to make a few clicks to create a landing page for your products or services. At the same time, you won’t need to pay for hosting, domain, and have other costs to maintain your website.
You also can take advantage of the Me-Page landing page builder features. Using this builder, you can create a one-page website with links to all your social networks, messengers, and email, thereby making it easier to communicate with customers who can quickly open a page using the QR code. The easier and faster customers can contact you, the higher the conversion rate and, accordingly, sales will be.

Provide people with information directly

The dynamic pace of life forces people to make quick and simple decisions to avoid difficulties. By creating a QR code online, you provide end-users with the information they need directly without having to search for it on the Internet. A good example is a restaurant menu. One scanning of the QR code - and guests will be able to check available dishes and drinks using their smartphone.

Increase the number of your social media followers

Use a QR code with a link to social media to make it easy for users to find your account and subscribe to your updates. To do this, publish QR codes wherever possible: on signboards, business cards, banners, flyers, and product labels - wherever they’re visible.

QR Automatization

Once you start using QR codes in your phygital marketing strategy, you’ll see tangible benefits of this solution. On the one hand, you’ll provide users with new interactive experiences in their daily life. On the other hand, you’ll have access to up-to-date statistics on the behavior and preferences of your target audience. Just put it together and you’ll be convinced that creating a QR code is an ingenious solution!

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