Wi-Fi QR code: scan and connect


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Wi-Fi QR Code

We get used to taking 3 steps to join a Wi-Fi network. First, activate Wi-Fi on your device, then choose the right network from the list, and finally enter a password. It’s important not to make a mistake at any of the steps, otherwise, you’ll have no Internet access.

What if you could connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code? Imagine you simply point your smartphone camera at the QR code or use the QR code scanner and immediately connect to the network. Great, isn't it? The good news: there’s no need to figure out how to connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code. You can just do it by one scanning!

Wi-Fi QR Generator

Benefits of a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi

The advantages are obvious: using a QR code generator for Wi-Fi with password helps eliminate errors that might be made while a manual connection to a wireless network and saves time and effort. This option is suitable for both home use like sharing the Internet with friends and guests, and for owners of hotels, hostels, guest houses, restaurants, and other businesses.

What’s more, it’s really easy to create the code using our Wi-Fi QR generator. If you want your QR code to function faultlessly, you must correctly add the required data in a specific order. To avoid unnecessary complications and mistakes, just follow the instructions.

How to generate a QR code for Wi-Fi

  • open the ME-QR generator and select the appropriate type of the QR code from the list of available options (Wi-Fi);
  • select the category of QR content;
  • enter a name for your network (SSID field);
  • select the security protocol (the available options are WPA/WPA2, WEP, RAW, or no encryption);
  • enter the current password for your network. FYI: if you select “no encryption” in the “encryption type” field, then you don’t need to enter a password;
  • click the “Generate QR code” button to create the QR code for Wi-Fi.
If you wish you can customize the ready-made QR code. The QR code designing is an additional option. The options like changing of color, background, and line size, adding of a logo, and others will help personalize your QR code, make it visible and memorable.
Wi-Fi Type Wi-Fi Options QR Design
ME-QR Service

Tips for using a QR generator for Wi-Fi

Our online QR creator is designed to immediately suggest the optimal parameters for your network. It’s better to choose WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocol - this is the most secure option.
Before presenting the Wi-Fi QR code to other people, be sure to test it. Open the QR scanner or camera on your smartphone and point it at your code. A notification window will appear immediately, showing Wi-Fi password from QR code and prompting you to connect to it. If this doesn’t happen - check whether you filled the fields correctly when creating the QR code online.
Our Wi-Fi QR code generator also allows you to edit any QR code. Just register, create a dynamic QR code and then change it if your network has changed parameters. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to recreate, print, and post the QR code.
Wi-Fi QR code decryption will not be difficult for users. They just need to open the QR Scanner and scan the QR code. Once they try to do this, the next time they’ll be connected to the network almost automatically!