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The rapid development of contactless technologies has led to QR codes’ ubiquity in today’s world. The QR codes are widely used in various industries, ranging from advertising, sales, and delivery, to all sorts of user instructions, payment receipts, and even art.

Since the QR code can be scanned on smartphones and the QR code itself implies either a click on a link to access information or the installation of a special application to receive the necessary content, a number of questions arise regarding QR code security. After all, the code may redirect to a fake page or an application that has a virus. Naturally, more and more users worry about their security and think about how not to become scammers' victims.

How to protect yourself from harmful content

On the Internet, you can find a lot of advice on how to check how secure a QR code is and protect yourself from the risks of falling for the tricks of scammers. One of them is to open only verified QR codes. However, this advice becomes almost impossible, given the fact that today QR codes become more and more popular and their number is growing daily: we can see QR codes on billboards, signs, asphalt, subway, pages of popular publications, etc.

Moreover, many banks and large organizations start to offer services using QR codes. But not using QR codes or using only a limited number of them means giving up the advantages and conveniences that modern technologies offer.

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Another recommendation is to open links only from well-known companies, guided by the fact that they can’t have the virus. However, there is one "but". Attackers can “bypass” the multi-layered security system in order to scam. Accordingly, the QR code of a large corporation doesn’t guarantee 100% security.

So what to do in this situation? You need to use the secure QR code scanner - Me-QR. Our service automatically checks links for malicious content.

How our service checks content for safety

Using our service, you can be sure that the links you follow are safe. When generating a dynamic QR code on Me-Qr, our system checks the content safety, whether it be spam, malicious links, scams, child abuse, sexual content, offensive or provocative content, incitement of hatred, animal cruelty, or advertising of prohibited substances or weapons.

If a user adds this type of content to a QR code, the program will automatically block such a code. If a user has an account and tries to generate a code with malicious content again, then their account will be blocked.

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Use a secure QR code scanner

Thus, in order to protect yourself from malicious content, it’s important to use a trusted scanner. ME-QR is a QR code creation and distribution service that puts your safety first. Our service ensures that the links you follow by scanning a QR code are checked for safety.

Now you can keep up with the times and use modern QR technologies without worrying that intruders can get hold of your personal information, such as mobile banking login data or personal correspondence in messengers. Therefore, take care of yourself and your personal gadget. Use proven tools you can trust.

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