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QR code for Google Maps

A Google Maps QR code is a one that redirects users who scan it to the Google Maps app and automatically points to the target location. Therefore, users can simply scan the code and follow the directions of the navigator, without having to open the app and enter the address manually.

Guide users with Google Maps QR in 4 easy steps:

  • 1

    Select the Google Maps QR code type;

  • 2

    Provide a link to the location obtained from Google Maps;

  • 3

    Click Customize & Download QR;

  • 4

    Create your own code design and click Download QR Code.

Examples of use:
On the promotional materials of stores or restaurants, if they are located in a place that is difficult to reach without explanation.
On billboards in the hotel lobby, offering a tour of the city's sights.
In realtor newsletters, directing you to the property of interest.


In the Google Maps app or website, select the desired point on the map. Click "Share" and then click "Copy Link".

No, if the app is not installed, the Google Maps website will open in a browser. However, map navigation will not be available.