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The modern world is increasingly overgrown with computers and a variety of technologies that make life easier for humans. The era of paper maps is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today we cannot imagine our life without Google Maps.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a cartographic development company Google. The service is represented by both maps and satellite images. Many regions are also available in highly detailed aerial photography format.

Google Maps is widely used by drivers and tourists, and just by people who need to navigate in space or find a specific object.

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How to use QR Code for Google Maps?

Each of us has occasionally found a direction or destination. And quite often this is difficult, especially if you are not a local citizen. If you are the owner of an establishment (cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, gym, store, etc.), then using the QR code you can facilitate the search process for your customers.

You can create a QR code location for the address you want with Google Map QR code generator free. This way, your location can be found simply by scanning the code. Customers no longer need to manually enter an address, which significantly reduces the possibility of mistakes or getting lost.

In addition, using a QR code allows you to draw more attention to your organization. Place the generated QR code on printed products or distribute it on social networks, thereby increasing your popularity.

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You can also mark tourist places or places that you have visited and were very satisfied with QR Google Maps. So, for example, if you want to share this with a large number of people, then QR code geolocation will greatly simplify and speed up this process.

Also, this format is convenient if you need to bring together a large number of people. You don't have to worry that someone will read the address incorrectly or put the wrong flag on the route.

In addition, when using a QR code, you have the ability to view scan statistics. This function allows you to see from which resources the QR code is scanned the most and to effectively set up ads.

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How to create a QR code for location for free?

Many sources allow you to create a Google Map QR code for a link. On the Internet you can find map QR code generator. You also can use our QR code generator for Google maps.

Our Google Maps QR code generator allows you to create your own QR code for free. Remember that the QR codes generated on our site have no time limit or scan limit. Once created, you can safely use the code without a Premium subscription, just after scanning you will be shown a small advertisement. If you want to use the ad-free code, you can purchase a subscription. Our location QR code generator is also free.

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It is easy enough to create a QR code for Google Maps. Follow these steps:

1. Open Google Maps on your device;

2. Select the exact location of the desired object;

3.Mark the location on the map. When you've found the location you want to mark with a QR code, just tap the location and Google Maps will automatically direct you to it;

4. Copy the link from Google Maps;

5. Open the ME-QR Generator;

6. In the QR code types, select the QR code for the link;

7. Insert your link;

8. Click the Generate QR Code button.

You can also customize the color of the QR code, add a caption or your own logo.

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Where else can you place a QR code with a location:

• on billboards, brochures, advertising flyers;

on business cards;

• on invitations to an event (concert, wedding, flash mob, opening of an institution);

• on tourist brochures;

• on buses, minibuses, trams or trolleybuses, on trains or in the metro.

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Benefits of using QR Code for Google Maps:

Fast and easy to use;

Ability to quickly spread to a large number of people;

Optimizes viewing of mobile maps;

Directs you to an exact location, thereby reducing the chance of error.

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