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QR code for List of links

A QR code with a List of Links is a compact method of moving from physical to digital, which contains a landing page behind a single code, with the ability to place multiple links to it. Thus, you no longer need to print QR codes for each one individually. Users, having scanned the code, will choose which particular link they are interested in.

Steps to add multiple links to a QR Code:

  • 1

    Select the List of Links QR code type;

  • 2

    Enter a title, provide information, add a photo and the necessary links;

  • 3

    Click Customize & Download QR;

  • 4

    Create your own code design and click Download QR Code.

Examples of use:
As an all-in-one social media container. Let users choose a social they prefer.
Provide your users with long documents in the convenient form of links to their sections.


The number of added links is limited to ten.

These are buttons for quickly adding links to social networks with pre-attached images of the relevant social networks.