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Multi Url QR Code Generator

This type of QR code is used to redirect users based on certain conditions such as language, time, location, and a number of scans. Note that only one condition can be applied at a time. It's a perfect solution for businesses to run campaigns all over the world and market different products or services depending on the audience.

Creation of Customizable QR code:

  • 1

    Select the Customizable URL QR code type;

  • 2

    Select a condition, add links, and set up transitions to them according to the condition;

  • 3

    Click Customize & Download QR;

  • 4

    Create your own code design and click Download QR Code.

Examples of use:
With a language condition - depending on the language settings of the phone from which the scan is performed, direct the user to the page with the appropriate language.
With a time condition - Eating establishments may offer breakfast/lunch/dinner or certain discounts based on the time the code is scanned on their brochure.


For language, location, and time conditions, a default link is required to be added, to which the user will be redirected if specific conditions are not met.

Yes, you can, but please note that you will have to re-add links as the old ones may not fit the content. And if the code has already been used in printed materials, there may be a dissonance between its presentation and the content.