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QR Code Generator Phone Number

A phone call is one of the most effective ways of direct communication. And Phone Call QR code is the fastest way to make a call. You no longer need manual input or search for a particular number in a phone book. Just one scan and the number is dialed. In many cases, this increases the likelihood of a call being made by the end user.

How to put a phone number into a QR code?

  • 1

    Select the Phone Call QR code type;

  • 2

    Add a phone number;

  • 3

    Click Customize & Download QR;

  • 4

    Create your own code design and click Download QR Code.

Examples of use:
To contact technical support. Place such a QR code on the package of the product or as a sticker on the device itself.
To expand the conversion funnel. On promotional materials, offer to scan the QR code to listen to more details.
For easy communication within the office. You can print out a convenient table of contacts of employees or departments with a QR code to dial each of them.


If you plan to receive calls from abroad, it is mandatory. If not, it's still advisable.

No. But you can see the scanning statistics of your phone QR code in your personal account on our website.