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Restaurant QR code
QR code for the restaurant menu

So why is QR code using in the restaurant business is a profitable solution for those who want to develop?

We have already told you about the advantages of using QR codes for different social networks and services (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify,  etc.).

Also, you already know how to use QR codes for education and business. Moreover, we have shared with you useful tips for generating QR codes  on our website. This is really useful because QR codes have long been a working tool that saves time and increases efficiency.

Since QR codes are being introduced into all spheres of human life, the restaurant business is no exception. The implementation of the QR code restaurant menu has become a useful solution in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up to this point, the digital menu QR code was not used as often. Now this original type of menu allows you to attract more customers, save time and promote your own business and make your restaurant recognizable.

In this case, you can place your QR code anywhere, for example, on posters, brochures or on stickers and labels. That is, where it will be convenient for your potential customers to scan it.

We advise you to generate a code right now on our website, if you have a restaurant or cafe, but do not have a QR code menu.

QR code menu

If you want to take your restaurant/cafe to a new level, contactless menu QR code will help you with this!

QR code for restaurant menu

With QR codes, you can achieve more in your business. And today we will tell you about this and give specific examples of how the QR code using affects the number of customers and the quality of service.

- Convenience of using QR codes anywhere. For example, your customers can scan the menu and order delivery while being at home. Do not forget that you do not need to re-print such a menu, but simply make changes to the QR code (but the code must be dynamic, not static).

- Get more customers. We are sure that if your food is tasty, your clients themselves will recommend you and share the contactless menu on social networks.

- Improve your services. Don't forget about QR code review. It is also a great tool for restaurant and cafe owners. Because you can follow the reviews and respond quickly to all comments.

- Make your menu memorable. You can add images of dishes and thereby improve the visual experience of customers. With QR code for restaurant this is possible, unlike a regular menu.

This is a small list of what QR code for cafe can do. Everyone finds new ways to promote and develop business using the QR code.

So what are the benefits of a contactless free menu QR code?

You keep up with the times. Now it is very important to keep up with all the trends and, if possible, implement them in your activities. QR code for menu is no exception.

You can change the design of the QR code restaurant menu. For example, add a logo of your restaurant, add a theme picture or change colors.

You can make changes in the QR code menu (for example, the names of dishes, prices or descriptions) without printing it again. To do this, you only need to edit the QR code.

If you are interested in statistics, then you can add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and track your customers.

If you have a one-time or seasonal menu, a QR code restaurant menu is an ideal option to save money and not print several dozen copies of the menu.

By creating a QR code menu, you can add buttons, links to social networks and a website.

You can create a QR code menu free on our website. It only takes a couple of minutes.

How to create a QR code restaurant menu?

Response from the ME-QR team

  • Before generating the code, make sure that your menu is in PDF format.

  • Choose the template you want to use: a menu with a social media link or a blank page.

How to make QR code menu
How to set up QR code for menu

If you choose a blank page you will need to answer the questions that our service offers in order to draw up the most suitable version of the QR code design.

  • Then you go to the code generation page where you can choose a color, add a frame and a logo.

  • After that you download QR code and proceed to the next step of generating the code. Here you can add different blocks: button, avatar, text, download the file with the menu.

That is, in this case, you add blocks as you want.

If you choose a menu with a social link, you should also write your company name or title for the page.

  • Then you will be prompted to choose an avatar, add a link to social networks, and download a file with the menu.

  • Add a description of the restaurant or cafe.

   • Save the QR code menu.

Make QR menu
Contactless restaurant menu

You can also edit it, add blocks, etc.

Remember that you can style the QR code however you want. This will improve the visual experience and make your QR code more clickable.

In addition, place your code wherever you want. The main thing is that customers can see and scan it.

And to make sure it's as simple as that, you can create your own QR code menu on our website.

You can find this service on the main page. To do this, you need to click on the restaurant menu in the types of QR codes when creating.


A few ideas for where to place QR code menu for restaurants

Do not limit yourself, promote and make your restaurant recognizable. Here are some ideas, where you can place your contactless menu. 

  • flyers;

  • brochures;

  • leaflets;

  • posters;

  • business cards;

  • stickers and labels;

  • menu.

Of course, these are not all options, there are many more, we just chose the popular ones.

How to use QR code menu