QR code tips. How to create attention-grabbing code

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Tips for QR codes
Unique QR code design

QR code is a universal tool for promoting your business, providing quick access and storage of large amounts of information.

We have already talked about how important it is to place a QR code in the right place to be noticed.  In this article, we will guide you about the importance of QR code design.

The success of many advertising and marketing campaigns depends on their visuals. When creating a QR code, its appearance is also an important point that affects the number of scans and transitions to the resource you specified.

But how do you ensure that your QR code in ads is effective and performs the necessary functions?

Design your QR code wisely

Everyone is already accustomed to the usual black and white codes. It is difficult to surprise somebody with such codes. A colored QR code does a better job of grabbing attention.

In our high resolution QR code generator, you can make not only a QR code for a link but also a QR code for a PDF file, picture, restaurant menu, to collect reviews, and more. You can try different color combinations, QR codes with frame, logos, or a call to action. Such elements will make your code recognizable and set it apart from many others.

But don't overdo it with custom QR code  coloring. Firstly, if you make the code too bright and contrasting, then it will repel rather than attract users. Second, remember that the QR code must have been readable. And some crawling apps or sites are not capable of recognizing complex designs.

Also, too pale code will simply be impossible to scan due to its color scheme. Even if you are a fan of muted pale shades, we do not recommend using them when creating a QR code.

QR with colors

To protect yourself from unnecessary stress, before you print the QR code, scan it using different applications and devices, send it to different people, and make a trial version of the print in several copies. Make sure that more than one QR scanner app recognizes it without problems, but several.

QR Square shape

Maintain a square QR code shape

The square shape of the QR code has been specially designed to minimize scanning time and speed up content loading. Even though there are other forms of QR codes, it is the square one that is the most popular.

Think ahead and check carefully

Although our QR codes are dynamic, having printed a large number of codes, and only then, having found the moments that do not suit you, it will not always be possible to correct them. For example, make sure the QR code displays the domain you want. Otherwise, you will have to reprint a batch of codes, for those already corrected.

But you can solve the problem with a QR code for a link, replacing a picture or a file yourself in your personal account.

How to make a QR code design recognizable?

If you have created your own business, then you have probably already worked out the design of your company. Everyone knows very well that color plays an important role in this matter. 

Create a QR code in the colors you use in your brand. Work on the logo and font. Thus, you will attract more attention, because your QR code will be recognized. Or, if you need to create several codes, then they can correspond to the design, for example, of your product lines.

Analyze and make changes

In your personal account, you can view scanning statistics for all QR codes. By creating several different templates, you can see which codes are more attractive to users, which free QR code design solutions are winning for you.

In addition, our QR codes are dynamic, that is, you can edit their contents without changing the code.

 Personalised QR code
QR printing

Don't forget about indentation

To keep your code readable, no matter what format you use it, leave a little white space between the code and other stuff. This will keep the edges clear and the program will be able to scan the code.

Make the QR code available

If you place the QR code in places that are difficult to scan, then it will be of little use. Watch for this when printing.

Keep an eye on the quality of your images

And this applies not only to QR code print. If the image is fuzzy and blurry, then this increases the likelihood of error. High image quality guarantees the best coverage.

Don't forget about QR code size

Remember to scale when printing a QR code. The code must match the size of the printed product. A small code on a huge banner or vice versa, a very large code on a small box will look irregular and ridiculous. Maintain a balance of sizes.

Use hints and tips

Give people a hint about what's in the QR code. Although most people know how to scan QR codes, leave a little guide on where to find a QR code scanner.

QR size

Don't overload the QR code

Although QR codes can contain large amounts of information, try not to put a lot of just one code. For example, instead of creating a file in which we will have many images, create a QR code for a link to a site or a page with them. And it is better to put a large number of documents in storage and create a QR code for it.