How to quickly create the QR code using a link

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QR technology has offered new opportunities to marketing, business, and even regular users for their personal purposes. As an interactive and multifunctional tool, QR codes have become especially necessary and popular in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the future, they’ll definitely not lose their relevance: users around the world have already appreciated QR codes benefits and will use them more and more actively.

Today we’ll talk about a QR code with a link - the most popular and frequently encountered type. Learn how to make the QR code for free for any web address.

Features of the QR code with a link

With ME-QR service, you can create a variety of QR codes. You can encode an image, audio, video, data for connecting to Wi-Fi, PDF file, PPTX file, and so on. But among the variety of formats, the link is most popular. The link can be easily encrypted into a code and then edited as needed. You’ll also be able to track the scan statistics of such QR code.

The QR code with a link is aimed to redirect the user to the required address. It can be absolutely any link that doesn’t violate safety regulations on the network. That is, it should be useful or interesting to a person, and not contain malware or illegal content.

Using the QR code generator, you can make a code with the required URL, and any user can easily access the necessary information or file.

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How to create a QR code for email

In order to get the QR code, you need to use the QR code generator and spend a minute of your time. ME-QR service offers you this option completely free of charge, and registration is not required (but if you want to have access to advanced features, then you should register).

So, to create the QR code using a link, you need to follow 3 simple steps.

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Step 1.
Decide on the link you want to add to the QR code

As a link, you can encrypt any URLs into your QR code:

– landing pages and websites;
– pages on social networks (for example, links to accounts or specific posts);
– online restaurant menu;
– list of company services;
– portfolio (relevant for designers, photographers, marketers, and representatives of other professions);
– playlist on the music streaming platform;
– video on a video streaming service, etc.

And remember - one URL can be encoded into one QR code. If you need to encode several links, then you’ll have to generate the QR code for each of them.

Step 2.
Open the ME-QR generator

At this point, select the "link" content type from the list and fill in the only required field - paste the URL. At your discretion, select the appropriate category of the QR content from the available ones. Next, click the "Customize&Download QR" button to create the QR code online.

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QR Design

Step 3.
Customize the design of your QR code (optional)

You can customize the way your code looks. For example, choose a frame from the list of proposed ones, use a call to action, add a logo, change the QR code color and style, and more. This will help make the QR code more eye-catching and attractive.

It’s also recommended that you run a scan test to check if the QR code is working properly. If it redirects the user to the wrong web address, then edit it without changing the actual code image. Dynamic QR codes are in particular demand because they provide the ability to edit the content.

That's all you need to do to create a QR code with a link. Just try it once and use this functional tool in the future for any purpose!