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Now every social media user is accustomed to convenience and simplicity. That is why most companies simplify communication and interaction of customers with social networks and create QR codes for all their networks and messengers, for example, for Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc.

Why create social media codes?

QR codes display all social media profiles on a page that can be scanned with mobile devices. You can use codes for different purposes. For example:

Making your own QR code

For ordinary users this is a convenient opportunity to exchange contacts

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For business account owners QR codes make it easier to interact with customers

QR code for advertising

You can add QR codes on the packaging of any products, leaflets, or posters, and these codes will redirect the audience to the social media profile

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For example, if the QR code is created on the Facebook page, this instantly allows you to present your offers to customers

Convert URL to QR

And at the end, it is more convenient to encrypt the url of the social networks profile into the QR code, which, by the way, can be done with the logo and according to your own design

You can learn more about the ease of creation and the advantages of using QR code for Facebook below.

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How does the QR code for Facebook work?

QR code to Facebook page is a specific QR Code that connects to a Facebook page and provides user information, exactly the URL of the profile. A user scans QR Code with a mobile device and goes to a Facebook page. Users can encrypt any profile in QR code, for example, a personal account or Facebook business page.

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Benefits of the Facebook page QR code

There are many internet services with QR code creator consequently everyone can generate QR code for Facebook page. This makes it possible to encode direct link to Facebook profile. Also, QR code for Facebook can display additional information (images, links on other pages or sites).

How to make a QR code for a Facebook page?

Users can generate QR code for url on our website, this is a process in a couple of clicks. All you need to do is insert a reference to the Facebook page and generate the code.

Generating QR for Facebook with URL

Where to find the best QR code generator?

Our site provides with the necessary options for generating QR code for Facebook. Besides, by using our website, the users can make QR code according to own design or with a unique company logo, the Facebook page of which is encrypted in the code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, you save time by using QR code for Facebook. Secondly, QR codes are easy to create and use for different purposes. Thirdly, the QR code is quickly scanned using a mobile device.

You can generate a QR code for any profile, it could be a personal account or a Facebook business page.

First of all, you need to choose a QR code generator. Then paste the Facebook page URL and generate the code. Don’t forget to save the code in a format convenient for you (PNG, JPG, etc.).

After scanning the QR code, the user is taken to your Facebook profile or to your business page. It all depends on which URL you have chosen to generate.

To make your code more clickable, firstly, place it in prominent places, for example, on business cards, flyers and even on your website. Secondly, make it original so that it stands out from other QR codes: add a logo or image, change the color of the code and the frame. And most importantly, check your code, whether it works correctly and whether it directs there after scanning.

Of course available! If you created a dynamic QR code, just go to the settings of your code, make changes and save the new version.