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With the development of Internet services, many people have become much less likely to visit cinemas. Then the global COVID-19 pandemic made a negative impact: according to data published in May 2020, the global movie industry suffered losses of more than $5 billion (and the second, third, and subsequent waves of the pandemic were ahead).

Sometime later, cinemas reopened. Visitors’ skepticism, the need to adhere to new safety rules, and forced lockdowns have prompted the management to rethink their advertising strategies in waiting areas and cinema halls. So the QR-code generator has successfully entered the cinema activity.
The role of the QR code in cinemas

The ability to create a QR code and use QR technology everywhere has allowed the film industry not only to return its former income but also to reach a completely new level of development. This is exactly the example of when the crisis opened up new opportunities and didn’t destroy the business.

Cinema advertising is a huge source of income. Visitors see different promotional materials while waiting for their movie, watch commercials and trailers and turn their attention to branded goods (merch) everywhere. The listed types of advertising have always existed, but they are static. In contrast, it became possible to generate a QR code to create a direct connection between the viewer and the advertiser.
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The versatility and flexibility of QR codes are impressive: they can be applied in virtual and printed forms, you can use the code to encrypt a link, image, audio, video, and any other content. At your desire, the QR code can be placed anywhere: on a coffee cup, a popcorn bucket, monitor screens, buffet menus, movie posters, and so on.

Cinema visitors just need to scan a QR code in a few clicks to get acquainted with interesting and useful information. Also, the QR code generator of dynamic codes allows you to track scan statistics to increase the success of your advertising campaigns in tandem with QR technology.

Examples of using QR codes in cinemas

Contactless services

According to statistics, from 25% to 50% of visitors order food at the cinema. Using the QR code generator, you can create a virtual menu, accept contactless orders, make quick payments, and collect reviews.

All these benefits fit perfectly modern needs for keeping social distance and following safety precautions. A simple QR code will help you hold afloat.
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Promotion of movies

Advertising new cinema films is not much different from advertising goods and services: the advertiser needs to attractively present posters, trailers, and other promotional materials to cinema visitors. The ability to create a QR code is a perfect way to advertise a new film in the Filmland and draw the attention of the audience to it.

A great example is the commercial for "Iron Man 2". The QR code was placed in the center of the main character's costume on one of the posters for the film. When you scan this code, you’ll be redirected to a site with unique photo and video materials, premiere dates in different countries of the world, and other information.
Related sales

Each visitor who comes to the cinema spends a certain amount of money - at least - for a ticket, often - for drinks and food, and perhaps even for entertainment while waiting to see a movie. Therefore, advertisers are interested in placing their content in places with a higher concentration of potential customers.

For instance, a QR code can be placed on popcorn packages and it will redirect to the online Marvel gift shop. Clearly, this advertising campaign will generate high revenue, as it’s placed in the spotlight of the interested audience.
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As you can see, the QR code generator is a very functional tool for improving cinema activity and enhancing advertising campaigns. We encourage you to generate a QR code to collect reviews, sell tickets, run giveaways, and more. In such a way you’ll definitely achieve the best results!

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