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Creating QR codes for students
Everybody knows that education takes a really important part in our lives. No matter if it is a traditional school and university education or self-education, or classes with a personal tutor.
Nowadays the entire education system is going through great changes. Quarantines have created constraints that both teachers and students need to cope with. Learning is shifting more and more from classrooms to online platforms. Many online sites have appeared that allow teachers to create non-standard and interesting assignments, which is very helpful in teaching lessons.
Use of QR code in education

How to use a QR code generator for teachers?

If you are a teacher, using QR codes in the classroom can make your classes more interesting. Below we will give a few benefits of using QR codes.

Benefits of using QR codes for teachers:

By creating QR codes for students, you add variety to the class. Indeed, you can place a link in the QR code to a website with illustrative material or a presentation. Or even mark a place or object on Google maps which will surely interest children and elder students.
Save time
It also saves a lot of time. After all, if you have teaching practice, you know that one of your most important tasks is the correct timing. It often happens that a student is looking for a file for a long time, loses it in the chat, or does not understand what needs to be opened. If you are working with a large group of students, codes are a great way to quickly and easily distribute learning materials to students.
Improving learning
School QR code improves classroom learning. Since there are many different code types, the number of teachers using QR codes in the classroom to make learning more interactive and fun is continually growing. You can add a QR code to some tests to provide a more creative way to access related problems. If you want to use QR codes to share quiz solutions, you can use link QR codes to share exercises, created on educational platforms.
Free QR code generator for teachers
You also can use our QR code generator for video and create video QR codes to share videos to diversify the lesson. Or it is possible to use QR for an image to illustrate the material.

Using QR Code for Google Services

QR Code for Google Drive
Besides you have the option to create a Google drive QR code. Using such a code, you can easily transfer entire archives of documents, textbooks, and working materials. In this way, you reduce the risk that the student may forget the textbook, workbook, or any other handout.
On our website, you can import PDF to QR code for free. But in the PDF document, you can place a variety of necessary information. For example, you can create a mind map and use it to visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as a learning tool.
Google drive QR code
QR Code for Google Forms
By creating a Google form QR code you can easily conduct surveys among students. It can be like anonymous questionnaires aimed at monitoring the level of satisfaction with the educational process.
Or, using the Google form, you get the opportunity to test knowledge and quickly collect data into a schedule. Google form is also useful as a tool that will help to collect data for registration, for example, for a large lecture or seminar.
Google form QR code
QR code for Google Сlassroom
Another way to use QR codes for education is the Google Сlassroom QR code. Google Classroom is a free service developed by Google for education. It helps teachers organize classes and communicate effectively with students.
In this application, you can not only organize tasks but also create your own, give marks. It is also possible to leave comments and communicate in real-time, which will improve mutual understanding between teacher and student.
Google class provides the ability to use Google Docs and Google Drive. Such a function helps the teacher to see the number of completed works and immediately identify those who are delayed.
Google classroom QR code
Also, Google class has the function of automatically creating a folder on Disk for each assignment and each student. Thus, students can always see what tasks they need to complete on the corresponding page.

There are some creative QR code ideas. Use QR codes:

  • in quests instead of ordinary cards with tips;
  • in libraries. QR codes for students can inform more about the book and the author;
  • as instructions and tips. Place the codes on the stands we are used to and make them more interesting for children;
  • like an interactive class calendar. Attach QR codes to your class calendar, timetable to point to upcoming classroom activities or exam reminders.
Where to use QR
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