The QR code in the hospitality industry as a way to improve the quality of guest service

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Coastal resorts are the number one choice for most tourists. Many people prefer a classic holiday at the seaside to relax and enjoy their vacation quietly. In the current conditions, innovation is especially relevant to hospitality business owners who want to improve the quality of customer service and enhance client satisfaction. The QR code is a good case in point.

The value of QR technology in the hospitality industry

The key issue for the tourism business is how to meet the needs of guests and provide them with a positive travel experience. In this case, the QR code generator is the very tool that will help realize an endless amount of tasks with virtually no cost.
The global pandemic has exposed many problems in the resort business. Now is the time to introduce effective, interactive, and functional technologies. This applies not only to hotels, restaurants, hostels but also to travel operators, event agencies, transport companies, and other establishments engaged in the recreation industry. All of them aim to cover the needs of customers so that they are fully satisfied and will contact the very company for services again in the future. In this case, creating a QR code is a step forward despite the crisis.
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Benefits of using QR technology in the hospitality industry:

QR Integration
Maximum Convenience
By integrating a QR code in the travel business, you can provide guests with ultimate comfort. For example, now almost in one scan one can read a restaurant menu, connect Wi-Fi, write a review, etc.;
Use QR Code
Unique Opportunities
Clients are attracted by interesting features and novelty. The QR code generator will allow you to provide clients with a new level of service at your resort thanks to the use of interactive technologies;
Profitable QR
High Profitability
It is the travel business that has suffered the most during the global pandemic. This is forcing hotels, restaurants, and agencies’ owners to cut costs. In turn, QR codes in hotels almost don’t require material and time investments;
Safe QR Code
Convenience And Safety
By using QR codes, your guests don’t have to wait in endless queues to register and stay in crowded places. This means that they will be able to rest more, worry less about their safety, and feel maximum satisfaction from the trip;
Ecology with QR
Contribution To The Preservation Of The Ecology Of Our Planet
More and more conscious people pay attention to the resort’s sustainability and refuse to visit non-progressive establishments. In this case, reducing the use of paper and making a QR code using a link means keeping up with the times.

10 ideas on how to use QR codes in the resort business

Thus, it makes sense to create a QR code to further develop your company. Here are some examples of how you can implement a QR code tourism:
QR Code Menu
– QR code menu in hotels or eating establishments. All your meals and services will be available for users through their smartphones;
QR Tourist Map
– - tourist routes and excursions maps. Convert the printed resort map to an online version, and a location to a QR code to make it easier for guests to find the places they want;
QR Instruction
- online instructions. How to use a coffee machine, turn on the air conditioner, use fitness equipment - answers to all these questions can be presented in an interactive format via QR codes;
QR Content
- virtual greeting. You can use a text, audio, or video greeting by simply adding the link to the QR code;
QR Hotel
- contactless hotel QR registration of guests upon check-in. It is the safest and most convenient alternative to the traditional registration procedure;
QR Media List
- unique playlists on services giving access to music and video files. Your guests will appreciate such a personalized approach;
QR Code Reviews
- collecting reviews about your business. Customers will willingly share their opinions because leaving a review via a QR code is effortless and fun;
Printed QR Code
- noticeable feature on printed materials. The QR code on business cards, banners, posters, and other printed material will make your marketing fresh and modern;
- quick access to social networks. A QR code with a link to your accounts will simplify the search for information about your establishment and increase the number of subscribers;
QR Clients
- native advertising. Advertise your services in a friendly and unobtrusive manner, and strive to help customers - they love that.
To get the QR code here and now, you just need to entrust it to the ME-QR service. Select the type of a QR code and fill in a few fields - that's all. Thus, it’s incredibly easy to create the QR code online. What’s more, this tool will bring significant benefits to your travel business.
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