Fusion of interactive QR codes and online advertising banners

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The use of web banners is a common method of promoting companies, goods, and services on the Internet. Though new strategies and techniques have appeared over the past decade in modern marketing, banner advertising has been, is, and will be in demand.

What could be more popular than an advertising banner? The same web banner with an interactive code. If you generate a QR code and place it on the banner, you will significantly expand the reach of your advertising and increase its effectiveness.

How a QR code impacts the web banner success

A banner on a site can be static or animated, big or compact, with or without a call to action. By clicking on it, the user goes to the landing page. Therefore, the objective of banner advertising is simple: to attract as much traffic as possible to the site and create a positive attitude towards the advertised product.

Web QR Banner
Statistic QR Code Dynamic QR Code

However, advertisers are constantly facing the phenomenon of “banner blindness,” when website visitors do not notice or deliberately ignore advertisements. Fortunately, this difficulty is overcome thanks to the QR code generator. A banner with an interactive QR code has the following advantages:

– unique design. The graphic style of the QR code attracts attention with its uniqueness in contrast to typical and, frankly, outdated advertisements;

– valuable content. If you create a QR code online, you can add to it any content that cannot be placed on an advertising banner, such as a PDF instruction;

– ease of use. The user only needs to scan the code through a smartphone camera or a QR scanner to access the necessary information.

QR Scanner

By the way, if you decide to create the QR code of a dynamic type, then you can use your web banner even more successfully. In this case, its content can be easily edited, for example, by replacing an expired discount coupon with a current one. You will also have access to valuable scan statistics.

Examples of banner advertisements with QR codes

At first sight, a web banner seems to be quite a functional advertising method. But in fact, its functions are quite limited and only provide the option to distribute links. If you want to share content in some other format, it will not work.

QR Advertising Examples
App QR Banner

For example, a user can’t download a mobile application through a web banner. You can only redirect the user to the app description page, but you'll need to search the app in the store to download it. When QR technology comes into play, your web banner becomes more functional. In addition to advertising content, the banner will contain a code that, after scanning, will allow the user to access the desired content. For example, you can install the application through a QR code for App Store or Google Play.

This is just one example of how to create a QR code for a web banner and make it more effective. You can also use the codes in other areas:

– as a restaurant owner, you can advertize your food delivery app. To attract the maximum attention of customers, it is worth placing a QR code with a discount coupon on a web banner and adding a motivational call to action;

Restaurant QR Banner
Event QR Banner

– online banner ads are great for publishers to promote new books. Add a PDF with the first chapter to the QR code to familiarize the audience with the plot of the story and intrigue them to read the book continuation;

– in event marketing, attracting as many visitors as possible to a particular event is critical. Make it spectacular by generating a QR code with the event presentation in PowerPoint.

Indeed, QR technology can breathe new life into banner advertising. Potential clients will notice your advertisements, they will click on them with interest, and they will be more likely to follow targeted links. Therefore, if you decide to create a QR code for your web banner, you are increasing the effectiveness of your advertising.