QR technology for events: exciting ideas and tips

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Advertising QR Campaigns
The use of QR codes is among the top most effective marketing tactics. With their help, you can advertize any goods and services, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at times. It's enough to use a functional and straightforward QR code generator.

It's no wonder that this interactive tool is prevalent in event marketing. Thanks to QR technology, you can organize events on a whole new level and successfully advertize them online and offline.

Ideas for using QR codes in event marketing

Hosting events is an effective way to attract new audiences and arouse the interest of old сlients. Event marketing strategies are equally effective for businesses, charity centers, and government organizations. They all strive to hold events at the highest level to achieve their goals.

Regardless of objectives and plans, try to generate QR codes with relevant content. Here are some ideas on how to realize the benefits of event marketing through QR technology.
QR for Events
Advertising QR Codes
Conduct large-scale advertising campaigns
Use the QR code generator to create and place a code with promotional materials about your event in the desired venues. You can add a QR code to billboards, flyers, leaflets, etc. It's equally effective to use QR codes on social networks and landing pages.

Implement the guest access control system

It's enough to generate QR codes and add them to tickets to your event to simplify the control system of your guests. Each visitor will have their unique code, which is enough to scan at the entrance. This approach also helps avoid fraud when selling tickets to events.
Guest QR Control
 QR Content Sharing
Distribute the content at the event
Если вы планируете поделиться некими видеофайлами, презентациями, контактными данными, ссылками и прочим контентом, тогда заблаговременно создайте для них отдельные коды. Гостям вашего мероприятия понадобится лишь отсканировать QR-коды, чтобы получить доступ к желаемой информации.
Event QR Codes

Tips for generating QR codes for events

Before you start to create a QR code online, pay attention to some points when using a QR generator. This will help you make a valid code for the event the first time and avoid common mistakes. So feel free to use these helpful tips:

- customize the code design. The unique design of the QR code motivates users to take advantage of it. Therefore, try to choose attractive colors for the code, adjust the frame, and add a logo. It’s best to use the corporate identity of your brand or the symbol of a future event;
- run a scan test. Try to open the QR code you created. If, after scanning, you can see the desired content on your smartphone's screen, then you did everything right. If you find any error, for example, the invalid URL or wrong information about the event, then edit the content of the code or its features;

- avoid possible mistakes. With a QR code generator, you can encrypt any content in a code: from a link to a landing page dedicated to your event to an organizer's business card. But there are some rules that you should not break, such as placing a QR code on moving objects, reflective surfaces, etc.

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Now you know how to make a QR code for free and use it to advertize any event. This interactive tool will perfectly complement your advertising strategy!

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