QR codes for graphic design studios: benefits and examples of use

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Graphic design studios focus on two development strategies: attracting new clients and standing out from competitors. To accomplish these tasks, it is worth using QR technology. With a QR code generator, you can fulfill your goals and exceed them.

Features of QR codes use in graphic design studios

QR technology offers a practical way to distribute content. It can be links, images, videos, PDF files, etc. By applying QR codes, you can:
  • impress potential customers. A unique QR code with your domain, company logo, and other brand style elements will make a good first impression and encourage a potential customer to learn more about your studio
QR Code Domain
QR for Employees
  • organize teamwork. You can share content with employees via QR codes and set up passwords for them in advance. This approach will help protect valuable corporate information and prevent data breaches
  • increase your online awareness. Using a QR code generator, you will create more successful advertising campaigns. Interactive codes help increase traffic to your website and the number of followers on social media
Advertising QR Codes
Customer QR Service
  • successfully fulfill orders. Try using QR codes directly in customer service to implement more creative and functional projects. For example, create and place codes on magazine covers, interactive posters, vehicles, etc.
All you need to do is generate a QR code with the necessary content and post it in appropriate websites online and on suitable places offline. Remember that you can edit dynamic codes and replace their content if necessary.

How design studios can use QR codes

Let's look at several successful examples of how modern QR codes improve the work of graphic design studios.
Electronic business cards
You can improve the interaction with your target audience if you create a QR code online for your business card. You can place it on a traditional paper or electronic business card. Either way, it will emphasize the company’s respectability and make communication with your potential clients easier.
QR Business Card
QR Portfolio
Unique portfolio
A graphic design studio should have an impressive portfolio. An example of your work is what attracts potential customers and ultimately provides your team with a steady income. That is why you should create a QR code with your portfolio to impress your target audience.
Social media presence
Social media is an effective tool for showing your professionalism and expertise in graphic design. That's why you should attract new followers and communicate with your clients in a more informal atmosphere. With interactive QR codes, you can take your social media presence to the next level.
QR Social Media
QR Presentation
Services presentation
Earlier it was enough to have a website to show your current services and inform your clients about new ones. Today, you should present your team's services in an unusual and presentable way. To this end, add a presentation or PDF to the QR code.
Graphic design studios are interested in using QR technology to organize the team's work and effective interaction with clients. This functional tool has advantages you don't want to miss.
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