Benefits of adding your own domain to the QR code

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How to change the domain for the QR code

A site domain is a big part of branding that further leads to brand awareness increase and builds trust in your published content. In particular, this applies to links that users follow. This is especially important if you are actively using QR technology in marketing.
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Unfortunately, usually the QR code generator uses only its short links and doesn’t provide the possibility of editing. Thus, immediately after scanning the code, users will see the QR service domain, and the domain in its turn includes the robotically generated URL for each QR code.
This cannot be called a critical problem in the formation of corporate identity and business recognition, but you must agree: it’s much preferable to see your brand in the domain in your QR code.
We provide this opportunity for users of ME-QR service. Learn how to change a domain link in QR and why your brand name needs to appear in the link.
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Benefits of a QR code with your domain

Firstly, it is a great advantage for the recognition and awareness of your company. Agree, modern users are aware of the importance of security on the Internet and don’t trust unfamiliar links. Plus, with an editable URL, it's much easier for you to connect with your target audience, launch advertising campaigns, track QR traffic channels, and work on the general development of your brand.
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Secondly, a dynamic QR code is far more multifunctional than a static one. You can change the link to any other at any time, update the code design in a few clicks, etc. You don't need to print a new QR code, change business cards, flyers, and other printing products ...
For example, you generated a QR code for a PDF file, made a huge copy from a sheet of metal, and installed it on your facade. If over time, you need not a PDF, but a link, an image, or another type of QR, you don’t have to do everything from scratch - you just change the URL.
To do this, just follow a few simple steps in the admin panel of your account and edit the type, content, and link of an existing QR code.
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The ME-QR service is one of the few generators that provides such an opportunity for free. You can easily create a QR-code for your website, quickly adjust and edit it if necessary, and then you’ll be able to make the most of its capabilities.
Therefore, we invite you to create your own QR code for free and get the maximum benefits of QR technology. In addition, it’s very quick and simple to do this in the administrative panel of the ME-QR service.
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Step-by-step instruction for editing a domain in a QR code

You must register in order to make a QR code using a link and to be able to edit the domain URL and use other functions of our service. Registered users have access to extended benefits of the service, including changing the domain of the QR code.
Changing QR Code Domain
In order to connect a domain (the address of a website by which it can be found on the web), you need to:
Buy your own domain from domain registrars. There are many such services, you can find them in a Google or Yandex search for "buy a domain".
Specify it in your account. You can connect the domain to one code by clicking on "Change domain" to the right of the code in the "Actions" section; If you need to change the domain for all your QR codes, click on "Change domain for all QR codes" at the top of the page.
On the website where you registered the domain, specify the records for the domain.
Connect Domain In QR
To specify the A-record of the main domain (e.g.
Go to your domain control panel (usually called "DNS zone management")
Select the "Adding a record to DNS" section.
Add the A record by specifying this IP address:
Important: If the A record is already specified, you must remove it, otherwise the domain will not work.
Adding A-Record To DNS
To specify the A record of a subdomain (for example or in domain settings specify the A record with IP address
There is no need to change the NS record of the domain. All changes can take from 3 to 24 hours.
A-Record Of A Subdomain
If you have other type A records for the main domain, create a subdomain. There can only be one A record for the domain, otherwise the domain will not work.
Create a subdomain
For example: or
In the domain settings, specify the A record with the value
More detailed instructions are shown in the pictures.
As you can see, it couldn't be easier. You’ll have the opportunity to simply and quickly create QR codes, apply them at any time with the ability to integrate codes into your business. Use the ME-QR service and forget about any difficulties!