QR codes for surveys: a user manual


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Survey QR Code

A survey is a simple method for obtaining valuable, firsthand information. You can conduct a survey the traditional way (by handing out questionnaires) or online (by using a link to an online form). Both methods have significant disadvantages, requiring respondents to spend time and effort.

As a result, many will likely ignore your call to participate if you don't find an effective way to motivate them. Learn how to use QR codes to maximize your survey's success.

Features of QR codes for surveys

To increase the number of completed questionnaires, use the QR code generator. This tool will make survey participation easier for respondents, removing potential difficulties and increasing the motivation to share their opinions.

So, you create an online survey form in advance and make a QR code with a link to it. Then you place the code on suitable surfaces, so respondents can scan it and follow the link to answer the questions. The popular ways of distributing QR codes to conduct surveys include:

– QR codes on labels. These codes are great for getting feedback from customers;

– QR codes on tickets. You can collect reviews for your event while visitors are still under the impression;

– QR codes on flyers. You can effectively obtain useful information from your potential customers by using printed promotional materials.

QR for Surveys

With the ME-QR QR code generator, you can adjust the style of interactive codes — add brand colors, logos, slogans, and other branding elements. With an eye-catching QR code design, you'll be able to draw even more attention to your survey. 

Besides, if you create a QR code for your survey via ME-QR, it will take a little time and effort and bring maximum results. Use our step-by-step guide with tips and generate a dynamic code for your poll.

How to create a QR code for a survey

To create a QR code for a survey, you need to start by creating an appropriate online form. Google Forms is one of many popular services where you can do a survey with any questions and get a link to it.

Create QR Code

Then go directly to making the QR code. For this, you need to take the following steps:

– open the ME-QR QR code generator and click "Create QR";

– select the "Link" option from the list of QR code types;

– copy your survey link and paste it into the field in the generator;

– click "Customize and download QR" button to personalize the code design (change the style of the corners, pick the font color for the call to action, add a logo, etc.);

– download your QR code for the survey in a suitable format (PNG or SVG). Then print it out or use it in online advertising (for example, place the code on a website banner or social media). 

Note: you should opt for dynamic QR codes. They allow you to get additional analytics based on respondents' behavior — for example, type of device, date, place of scanning, etc.

Now you can make a QR code using a survey link quickly and easily and share it with potential respondents. This convenient format will help collect feedback, suggestions, and ideas on any topic easier.

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