Principles of placing QR codes in catalog

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Product catalogs are in demand by customers and continue to be a popular marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Use a QR code generator and print interactive codes on catalog pages to maximize their effectiveness.

Combination of QR technology and catalog sales

The first catalog was published in 1488 and advertized books for order. Over five hundred years later, the general idea has remained the same. A catalog is a printed or electronic magazine with a selection of products organized by category, which allows a person to buy the desired item without going to the store.

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Imagine how much you can increase these catalogs' effectiveness by incorporating QR technology. As a result, QR codes are a good link between printed promotional materials and users who make online purchases.

Here are some appropriate content options for QR codes in catalogs:

  • product characteristics. Your catalog presents basic information about each product; for those interested in learning more, you can make a QR code with a link to a specific page on your site. Place such codes near each item to add more information and increase website traffic;
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  • reviews about a product or service. Most buyers prefer to read reviews from other buyers before making a purchase. Allow them to read reviews about your products by scanning a QR code that will redirect to the corresponding page on the site or social networks;
  • brand description. Both existing and new customers make orders through catalogs. While regular customers know about your company's advantages, it is worth making a good introduction to new ones. For example, make a QR code with a presentation or video with a story of brand creation and development;
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  • additional discount. Working with objections is necessary to increase the number of sales, and the most common reason why a client postpones a purchase is a high or unreasonable price. So try to create a QR code with a discount coupon for certain goods, and you'll notice that customers are more likely to order when there’s a special offer.

Useful tips on creating QR codes for catalogs

You don't need special skills or allocate considerable resources to marketing to use all QR technology advantages. Here are some tips on how to make a QR code for free and use it in any catalog.

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Add a brief instruction

Most smartphone users know how to scan QR codes, but some need hints. Be sure to publish directions next to each code, such as "scan to order" or "point your phone camera to learn more."

Choose a unique style

A nice design is essential for the catalog cover and pages, as well as for QR codes. A unique frame, catchy color, optimal size, and other code design elements will attract attention and encourage purchases.

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Add a logo

Once you've customized the basic design (color, style, and frame), consider adding your company logo to the center of the final QR code. This way, your codes will match your brand identity.

Save your QR codes

You can edit dynamic QR codes: add a password, change the content, etc. With a library of previously created QR codes at the ready, you can find the code you need for further use. It’s one of the reasons why you should register on the ME-QR service to use all the benefits of the QR code generator.

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Customize the QR code domain

If you want users to see your brand name in the domain after scanning the QR code, then change the domain link. It will increase your company's awareness and users' trust in the website they visit.

Adding QR codes to catalogs will positively affect your product sales. So try to generate QR codes to increase your company's credibility and thus the number of sales!

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