How to use QR codes in print advertising

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QR code in ads
Brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines, newspapers - all of the above can be referred to as print advertising which can bring your business recognition and new customers. Despite the rapid development of digital tools for promoting services and goods, businesses by no means discount the good old printing industry. Especially considering that printed materials can be updated using QR technology.

QR code for updating traditional advertising

We can talk much about the advantages of a QR code: it’s a modern tool that allows you to put any information in a small image with a matrix code. Most importantly, the encrypted content is available to anyone through a smartphone. After scanning with a camera or QR scanner, your target audience instantly has access to valuable information.
Thus, there are many reasons to use the QR code generator. To implement a modern advertising campaign, you just need to select the appropriate content and generate the QR code. This procedure usually takes a few minutes and includes several simple steps: open the ME-QR generator, select the content type, and fill in the required fields. What’s more, one QR code has many uses.
QR code in ads

Ideas for using QR codes in marketing

QR code for a website to increase the traffic

Every modern company must be present on the Internet if it intends to develop and make a profit. It makes no sense to expect sales of your products and services while no one knows about you. And it is your website that helps increase brand awareness and the QR code on printed materials helps maximize the traffic to your website.
How to make a QR code using a link: copy your website URL and paste it in the QR code generator. Just download the generated file or save the link to the QR code.
Website QR code

QR code for business cards to improve communication

It’s great to have traditional business cards but it’s even better to take full advantage of digital tools. Add the QR code to your average business card, and thus redirect a potential client or partner to the electronic version of your card. It’ll be convenient for people to save your contact information by simply scanning the QR code.
How to make a digital business card: open the ME-QR QR code generator and select the vCard content type. Fill in all data and generate your QR code.
QR business card

QR code for the online menu of a restaurant, cafe, hotel

A menu with food and drinks in a smartphone is a real and highly demanded option. Visitors of your establishment don’t need to wait for the waiter to view the printed menu. They can scan a QR code on a table, flyer, or sign and quickly view your interactive menu.
How to make a virtual menu via a QR code: select the appropriate content type in the ME-QR QR code generator, upload your e-menu, and generate the QR code.
Restaurant QR menu

QR code for image, text, and audio content

As you can see, it’s very easy to create a QR code that will redirect users to the link you need. If you want to show your clients a video - go ahead, if you plan to let them listen to the audio recording - you’re welcome, if you are going to show a specific image or presentation - it’s possible as well.
How to make a QR code for any file for free: use the ME-QR service. Use the intuitive interface and your QR code will be ready in a couple of minutes.
Content in QR code
Don't forget to create a QR code online for a website, social networks, business cards, and other content. You don't have to waste a lot of time or buy professional marketing tools. It only takes a few clicks to generate and then print and place the finished QR code wherever it’s convenient.
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