Advantages of QR codes application for art objects

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Contemporary art deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. In our world, there is an infinite number of talented people who need support. That's why a QR code generator is used more often to popularize art objects.

Why you should use QR codes on art objects

With interactive QR codes, organizations actively share content, implement advertising campaigns, reach new market boundaries, and so on. And for the arts, they’re a tool for communication between the artist and the audience.
Art QR Codes
If you create a QR code for art objects, you can:
  • convey important values and share meaningful emotions
  • discover new facets of art and collaboration with other artists
  • enhance the impression from an art object, regardless of its format (music, painting, sculpture, poetry, etc.)
  • make art more understandable for ordinary people
  • monitor audience reactions to new artworks and search for inspiration
  • make money on your art
The most interesting thing is that you can add a QR code to any type of content. For example, an artist can generate a QR code with a link to a social media account and place the code on graffiti. This way, musicians, photographers, sculptors, and other artists can use interactive codes.
QR for Artists

Ideas for placing QR codes on art objects

If working with QR codes is a new experience for you, check out these simple and practical ideas below. Learn how to use a QR code generator with maximum efficiency to reach your creative potential.
QR code for fundraising

You can generate a QR code with your bank details and ask people to donate money for supplies, studio rent, or other needs. With this code, it will be easier for art lovers to support aspiring artists. A great example is a French street artist Pascal "PBOY" who raised $1,000 by placing a QR code with a link to a Bitcoin wallet on his mural.

QR for Fundraising
QR for Awareness
QR code for increasing awareness

Social media is a powerful tool for increasing an artist's popularity. By growing your visibility on social media, you quickly gain recognition from your audience and find new cooperation opportunities with other artists and brands. All you need is to add a QR code with a link to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to present your creativity to the world.

QR code for selling art objects

If you sell your artwork online, you should use QR technology. It's a simple tool to make profiting from your art easier. Make a QR code with a link to a website where you sell your paintings, songs, books, etc., and then place this code on your art piece. Be sure to choose a suitable QR code design and add a short description near it, "Scan to buy", for example.

Art Sales QR
QR for Creativity
QR code for broadcasting creativity

Share your vision of art, not just your creativity. With QR codes, you can tell your target audience about why you create, how you search for inspiration, what your idea is, etc. Make a QR code with detailed information about a project and place it on an appropriate object to expand the boundaries of your art.

QR technology contributes to art popularization, as well as to the artists' success. Try creating interactive QR codes for your artwork and take advantage of their great benefits!
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