Why do we need QR codes on traffic signs and signposts?

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You can generate a QR code with any content: a link, video, PDF file, PowerPoint presentation, image, etc. The point is that interactive codes are a convenient source of information that can be accessed from any smartphone. This is why they are perfect for placing on traffic signs. 

Advantages of QR codes on street signs


QR codes on road signs and signposts have a lot of advantages:

  • access to critical information. There is limited space on a road sign, so you can't put much information on it, no matter how useful it might be. But you can place a compact QR code on the sign and encode much more content in it;
Traffic Sign QR
  • easy scanning. If a person wants to know more about a landmark on their way, one only needs to scan the code on the sign. You need to direct a smartphone camera or a QR scanner to the code and access the content encoded in a QR code;
Road Sign QR
  • easy customization. If you generate a QR code of the dynamic type, you can easily change its content if necessary. It lets you edit the content without changing the code image itself, which saves you from the need to replace the sign;
Dynamic QR Codes
  • durability. Road signs are subject to constant mechanical impact, which causes scratches and other damage. However, a QR code is resistant to wear and tear, and a sign with a QR code remains functional for a long time and does not require maintenance.
Scan QR Code

By the way, QR codes on traffic signs and signposts can also serve as a source of income for a private person or addition to the city budget. The Me City service comes in handy for this. If you make QR codes with valuable content, you can get bonuses from advertisers. The more scans your QR codes get, the higher the earnings.

Types of interactive QR codes for traffic signs 


In 2013 Brazilian government decided to create QR codes to develop local tourism. They placed QR codes on Devil Beach in Rio de Janeiro to explain why it got such a name. This idea has attracted even more tourists to the local landmarks. 

It is only one example of a QR code application on signposts and traffic signs. Let's look at some other popular ideas.

Parking spots

For locals and tourists, finding a parking spot can be tricky. If all the spaces in their field of vision are taken, they will look for other parking spaces nearby. To make things easier for drivers, create a QR code with a list of nearby parking spots.

Parking QR Code

Current city projects

As a part of reporting on city infrastructure development and informing citizens about the current events, city authorities place corresponding signs with QR codes, for example, a premises plan. You can add a link to the property developer’s website, a presentation of a future project, a building plan, and other information to such a code.

City QR Project

Company information 

Companies of all kinds are located both on busy avenues and quiet streets, so it can be difficult for people to find them. A signpost with a QR code will be a good source of information. For example, you can generate a QR code with information about a state institution, shopping mall, museum, restaurant, etc.

 QR Information

QR technology erases the borders between the physical world and virtual reality. A clear example is placing QR codes on traffic signs and signposts. More and more cities step towards the future and use the QR code generator to make the lives of local citizens and tourists more convenient.

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