How QR codes make tourism more interesting and entertaining

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For many modern people, traveling to other countries and cities is an opportunity to relax, change the scenery, and learn and see something new. Due to the abundance of offers and current restrictions that prevent traveling, tourism business owners have to look for new, engaging, and up-to-date ideas.

For this reason, more and more hotels and restaurants, museums and art galleries, agencies, and other organizations in the tourism industry are using QR code generators and dynamic QR codes. They can not only help keep your business afloat but also contribute to its significant growth.

QR codes and tourism interconnection

Almost immediately after the opportunity to create a QR code arose, this technology attracted attention. QR technology created a kind of bridge that could connect the online and offline world.

Imagine that one person is walking down an unfamiliar street in a completely unfamiliar city. Where would one like to go? - the tourist is going to ask Google or search Google Maps for entertainment. But what if a traveler scans a QR code through a QR scanner or a smartphone camera and instantly moves forward with their plans? It's much easier and more interesting.

That’s why you should create a QR code online. The type of your business doesn’t matter, because you can encrypt any content into a code: from a simple link to a website to audio tips on how to get to your establishment.

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Plus, why not take advantage of the opportunity to make money using content? To do this, there is Me City - a service that pays a person who has generated a QR code with any interesting information for a tourist. The more scans and views you have, the higher your reward is.

The Me City project fits perfectly into the concept of the tourism industry. If you try to create a QR code, you’ll simultaneously develop your business and receive passive income from monetizing your useful content for tourists. The main thing is that your code attracts attention and encourages users to scan it.

How to use QR codes in the tourism business

Interactive QR codes can be seen everywhere, and in some cities, there’re especially many of them. So, in New York, many codes are located in Central Park. This is a whole project, which is aimed at attracting more attention of citizens and city guests to its sights.

Try and make a QR code using a link, video, audio, image, or any other content. Use these proven and successful ideas.

Create a guide

If tourists don’t know about you, they won’t be able to visit your establishment. And since no traveler knows a place the way a local does, you have every chance of creating a great guidebook. Try making a PowerPoint presentation by adding the best places and establishments that are recommended to visit, and then generate a QR code. Try to place the code in crowded places that have a large flow of tourists.
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Tourists are interested not only in the classic city sights. They’re also concerned about everyday issues: where to sleep, eat, etc. Therefore, a great option is to advertise a hostel, hotel, restaurant, food outlet, and other establishments that every traveler needs. To do this, create a QR code with a link to the website or social media accounts of your establishment.

Post an invitation

This may be an invitation to a concert, exhibition, competition, or other events. It’s important not only to create a QR code online but also to work on its design, for example, choose a catchy color, add a frame, and so on. Your code should grab the attention and interest of the traveler.
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Indeed, the QR code generator is a very useful tool for the tourism industry. Try to make a QR code for your establishment and assess its benefits!

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