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Relevant product packaging is a marketing strategy that greatly helps attract customers' attention to a product. Those brands that invest in creating quality, well-thought-out packaging for their products have more successful sales figures. And the product QR code can help you in this difficult, but feasible task for your business.

Interactive packaging with the QR code.

Your goal is to create a package that is smart, well-targeted, and as compelling as possible. Compare two products that are identical in characteristics but look different. It’s obvious that interesting packaging will increase the number of sales since it evokes interest. And if you make a catching brand QR code, then chances for success are doubled.

By using QR technology for product packaging, you improve interaction with your target audience. For instance, if you provide a takeout service and create QR codes on food packaging for Instagram, then your clients don't need to search for your company on this social network. They simply point the smartphone camera at the food package, scan the code, and follow the link to your profile.

Interactive QR Package
Using QR Generator

Another example: there is no need to attach detailed instructions for using a specific electronic device, forcing the buyer to keep all that print material for an unknown amount of time. Just create the QR code for the product and print it on the package, and when needed, the user will scan the QR code for product information and get acquainted with the necessary data in a PDF format.

Thus, a QR code of any product packaging can be made interactive and smart. Let's find out in more detail what are the advantages of adding a QR code to a video, PDF document, picture, and other content on the package of your products.

Benefits of QR code use for products packaging.

There is no need to explain why creating a code using our website QR code generator, your brand will get significant benefits. Now let’s consider the advantages of a QR code in product packaging design in more detail.

Improve the target audience engagement

The QR code enables better interaction between the brand and customers. Clients can use the QR code for product identification as well as to know more about the company and the benefits it provides.

Boost your brand reputation

Regular sales and constant flow of customers depend on how much the target audience trusts your brand. The more information you provide, the better awareness your company has, and the more people trust you in your endeavor to provide them with a quality product or service.

QR Brand
QR Code Benefits

Attract and retain customers

The individual approach in interacting with your target audience increases their satisfaction with the purchase and motivates them to buy more. If you make a QR code from a picture, the buyer will pay attention to the product and most likely choose it among other competitive products.

Collect valuable information

Facts, figures, and other data are the “digital gold” for marketers. By analyzing statistics, one can improve the marketing strategy, fix bugs, and attract more customers in the future.

How to make a QR code correctly

The QR code can bring you many advantages. Consider a few simple tips that will help you create the finest packaging design:

  • suitable size. For most packages, the ideal QR code dimensions are 2x2 cm for a dynamic code and 3x3 cm for a static one;
  • thought-out location. The best place for a QR code is right in the middle of the package, where it will be noticed and scanned without any problems;
  • packaging material. It’s very important to place the QR code so that the scanner can read it. Strongly wrinkled or shiny surfaces aren’t suitable for this;
  • package design. It’s quite unreasonable to create a colored QR code if your brand design is black and white; and vice versa, it’s logical to make the code in your corporate style to show the brand individuality;
  • call to action. Use CTA elements to draw more attention to the QR code. The phrases “scan me” and “find out more” are very effective.

One of the main advantages of QR technology is the ability to create a QR code online for free. Use our QR code converter and create a distinctive design in just a few clicks. With the unique QR code, you can improve your business reputation, expand your customer base, collect important data, and have many more advantages.

Let’s get started!

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