QR code size: when details matter

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QR Code Advantages

The QR code advantages are beyond doubt: this functional tool has already passed the test of time, circumstances, and life realities. It’s actively used for any purpose, including for different business lines and scales. But when it comes to the QR code size, a number of questions arise.

Indeed, what standard size a QR code should have? It should be large enough to be easily noticed and simply scanned or small enough to be placed on small objects. Let's find out more about the preferred QR code sizes and what they depend on.

QR code of a perfect size

Obviously, the larger the QR code, the better. Large corporations can afford to create a QR code and place it on the facade of a shopping center, and it won’t go unnoticed. When it comes to the QR code of smallest size, for example, the one placed on a chewing gum package, then the manufacturer simply doesn’t have the opportunity to make it larger than 1 cm2. In such a situation, you have to think about whether the user can scan it or not.

Most users are in demand of minimum size QR codes to place them, for example, on business cards, clothing labels, product packaging, etc. Therefore, experts agreed on QR code minimum size for print: it’s 1x1 cm, and not a millimeter less. A smartphone camera with a good resolution can easily read such a code. But since not everyone owns flagship smartphones with advanced cameras, the ideal size for a QR code today is 1.2x1.2 cm.

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What determines the QR code size

The actual size of the QR code doesn’t matter. It’s important to pay attention to the very lines and points that the code consists of. It is these details that determine whether your code will be readable by a smartphone camera and a QR scanner.

Even if you decide to make a QR code using a link, a file, or other content, but don’t take into account the final resolution of the image for scanning, the code will probably not function. Due to the limited smartphone cameras functionality, no user will be able to scan a QR code with length and width smaller than 1 cm.


Several important factors influence the QR code size:

- the amount of data encrypted in your code. The more data, the more rows and columns are needed, which means that the code will have a more complex visual structure;
- borders of the image. In terms of design, the frame doesn’t provide substantial benefits. But if we talk about QR code performance, it’s better to add it for better contrast;
- spacing between rows and columns. It’s important to keep the right distance between the dots so that they don’t merge when the size of the image is reduced;
- the QR code color. The black and white design with maximum contrast is ideal for scanning. The palette of bright colors in the QR code perfectly emphasizes the corporate identity of the brand but can impair the code’s readability.

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How to create the QR code of a perfect size

The best way is to generate the QR code in a black and white design, with an optimal distance between dots and with a minimum amount of information. It’s recommended to add a frame. In this case, your QR code will be readable from any device.

It’s always risky to create a QR code that has a colorful design and contains a lot of information. By placing it on small objects, you’ll reduce the actual size of the image to be scanned. As a result, some points can merge, which will negate all QR technology advantages. Therefore, it’s important to choose a QR code service that provides the possibility to create the QR code of the ideal size.

You need the ME-QR generator that will allow you to create and download QR codes in high quality regardless of design, style, color, and other code attributes. ME-QR service will help you generate the QR code of the optimal size, and then you can customize its properties, edit the content, and track scan statistics. At the final stage of creating a QR code, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the template you like, which will ensure the code’s recognition and performance.

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