Application of QR codes in shopping malls

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Thousands of people visit shopping malls daily. This is one of the most popular forms of pastime for a modern person. They do shopping, entertain, use certain services, etc. Rely on QR technology and use the QR code generator to drive traffic and profitability in malls even more.

Advantages of QR codes for shopping and entertainment complexes

Thanks to this interactive tool, you’ll help your visitors get a more positive experience from visiting your shopping and entertainment complex. Create a QR code with the content you need and enjoy many valuable benefits.

Shopping malls QR

Advertising budget savings

Your advertising costs will be significantly reduced. You can generate QR codes to promote any advertising campaigns and save on the traditional advertising budget. Instead of printing leaflets, business cards, flyers, posters, and other printed materials, you need to create a QR code online with the necessary content. Combining of online and offline advertising, will help save significant financial resources and increase ROI.

Mall QR Advertising

Improved shopping experience

Your visitors will be able to find the proper shops, cafes, and other public facilities in the shopping and entertainment complex more easily. A QR code with a location will quickly and clearly show each user how to get to the desired place so that they don’t have to waste time and effort on searches.

QR Shopping malls

Simple and effective feedback collection

Complaints, wishes, and suggestions from your target audience are the most valuable information that helps control the performance of establishments and increase the effectiveness of a shopping and entertainment center. Your customers will be more active in leaving reviews about visiting your complex if you add your company’s page to ME-QR-REVIEW. This is a valuable service for collecting reviews using a QR code, where you can create a simple- and easy-to-fill form for your visitors.

QR Reviews

Growth in mall attendance

It’s simple enough to generate QR codes with the necessary content. As a result, you’ll notice an increased number of visitors to your shopping center. Excellent customer experience, a strong reputation, high-quality work organization, an abundance of positive reviews, and other benefits will affect the growth of shopping center attendance. And the more you attract visitors, the more money you’ll earn and the greater the chance of achieving your goals.

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Tips on how to create a QR code for a mall

For maximum success, take the following expert advice:

– give preference to the QR codes of dynamic type. These are more functional codes that allow you to track statistics and edit content;

– customize the way your codes look. A unique logo or frame will draw attention to your QR code. When choosing a design, consider your goals and the preferences of the target audience;

QR in malls

– download the code in a suitable format. The ME-QR service offers a choice of a PNG or SVG file for further use of the QR code.

– Thus, QR technology works for the benefit of shopping centers. So, generate a QR code now and start enjoying all its benefits!

Entertainment QR Codes

Thus, QR technology works for the benefit of shopping centers. So, generate a QR code now and start enjoying all its benefits!

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