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Brand identity in terms of QR codes

No company can afford to stay stagnant. It’s critically important to work on marketing strategy, focus on the integrated development of the brand, and its reputation and recognition.

It is the progressive approach to brand positioning and promotion that allows a business to maintain its value among the target audience in an extremely competitive environment.

Importance and value of the brand image

The brand style represents the visual elements that define a company and differentiate it from competitors. The elements include the branded color, design, logo, and other details that are present in advertisements and directly on products. Taken together, the brand style reflects corporate values, forms a reputation, develops trust, emphasizes the essence of the company, and affects the way of interacting with the target audience.

A typical example is Coca-Cola. The brand has existed for over a century, and during this time the corporate identity has changed more than once. However, the general concept remains unchanged: the design of the logo, label, and banner personifies the festive mood and is inherently inscribed in modern mass culture. Without the branded fonts and shades we already recognize, Coca-Cola probably would not have become so popular and would have been perceived exclusively as just another sweet carbonated drink.

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How the QR technology and brand image are connected

QR Brand Technology

In the modern realities of the massive expansion of brands into local and international markets, it’s no longer so easy to create and develop a business. The Coca-Cola history is inspiring, but let's be honest: there was definitely no such competition and hard-to-please customers during the development and formation of the company. Therefore, branding is gaining even more importance for modern startups and established industry giants.

This is how a new tool, the QR code, appeared. Someone calls it a must-have feature, someone refers the code to the category of additional tools. But one thing is clear: making a QR code with a logo has become much easier, and its possibilities are almost endless. You’ll easily customize the QR code look and content, and potential customers will be able to use it everywhere - whether it is printed advertisement or online resources.

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Combine printable advertising and digital platforms. Now marketers can track ROI and improve ad strategies.

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Present the brand identity to potential customers. The clients will get access to websites, social networks, and other links in one click using a QR scanner;

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Simplify the promotion process. Discover the ME-QR service and you’ll see that it takes a few minutes to create a QR code for a site; changing visual elements is even easier and faster.

Think how easy and quick it is to set up a QR code. If you want you can change the image itself or you can test new CTA elements (call-to-action tactics, buttons). Herewith, you can instantly replace the link, color, font, and headings.

Create a corporate identity with branded QR code

So, at ME-QR we know firsthand about the power of the brand image; and now you understand how big the possibilities of QR codes are. Now let's take a look at how to create and modify a QR code using the benefits of our service.

Official site

In the modern world, the rule "no site - no client" often works, because the site is one of the elements of brand identity, which clearly emphasizes its authenticity. With a QR code, you can form a link to the desired page of the site and direct visitors to wherever you want.

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QR Business Card

Brand logo

A logo is a graphic design that is placed directly on products and across all marketing channels. It conveys the image, values, and aspirations of the company. Add a logo QR code to boost your brand awareness and underline its authenticity.

Business cards

Business cards may not be the most modern branding tool, but they are sustainably effective. And the QR business card is especially popular: it’s not space-limited like printed copies. Besides, you don't need to print hundreds of useless copies. Additionally, the business card can be stylized in a brand style by using a logo, slogan, etc.

Print advertising

Print advertisement is an immortal advertising tool that is although inferior to online promotion but still works for the benefit of companies. Combined with social media, websites, and other channels, traditional advertising enhances the marketing expansion of a brand. Ads with QR codes are the perfect complement to print media. They’ll quickly redirect the target audience to your digital platforms. Isn't that enough to try QR technology? Millions of brands around the world have experienced how useful and even indispensable QR codes are. Now it’s your turn.

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