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The abbreviation "QR" stands for "quick response." The functional QR code generator allows you to generate a QR code that is easy to use. It follows that people often scan codes from mobile devices. It can be a tablet or mobile phone with Android, iOS, Windows, or another operating system installed.

Most modern gadgets can scan codes through a Camera app or QR scanner. In some cases, there will be a need to download an additional app from the Google Play or App Store. We have already reviewed in detail and described how to scan QR codes on Samsung and iPhone devices step by step. Now let's find out if there's such an opportunity for users of personal computers and laptops that come with Windows and macOS installed.

Advantages of QR technology for PC users

There're many reasons why you can't scan a QR code most easily - using a smartphone. For example, you don't have a modern mobile phone with this option, or you don't have a built-in QR scanner, and you don't want to install an additional application.

There's no problem: open the codes via your laptop or PC using the ME-QR-Scanner. This is a free scanner from the QR code generator ME-QR developers to scan codes online, with no need to install any programs.

You can use this scanner on a computer with any operating system. Moreover, you can use this tool on smartphones that can't scan QR codes through the camera or the appropriate built-in application.

ME-QR Scanner

How you can scan a QR code on a Windows- or macOS-based device

So, you have 2 options on how to open a QR code on a PC or laptop with any operating system:

PC QR Codes

- the first way is to scan the code through the webcam. First, you should open the ME-QR scanner and choose the"Scan QR Code" tab. Then allow the scanner to use the webcam and click on the "Start Scanning" button. As a result, you can aim your webcam at the code and immediately scan it;

- the second way is to scan the code using the file. You'll need to download the image file before scanning. Next, open the ME-QR scanner, choose the "Upload Image" tab, drag the required code file into the field, or select it on your computer or laptop. The following "Result" tab will instantly display information about the code.

Windows QR Codes

The good thing about these two methods is that you can scan codes wherever they are. For example, you can publish a QR code on a website, post it in a social media post or add it as an attachment to an email. In any case, you can scan the code through your webcam or by downloading the file to your device.

macOS QR Codes

As you can see, it's as easy as possible to create a QR code and scan it with any device. Having a laptop or personal computer that comes with Windows and macOS, each user can open codes and access the necessary content on an equal basis with mobile users. Of course, using a scanner or a QR code generator on a smartphone is easier because it's always at hand. But Windows and macOS users aren't limited in their ability to benefit from QR technology.

Therefore, use this simple instruction to scan the desired QR code through a computer or laptop with a Windows or macOS operating system. It’s easy and effortless!