ME-QR plans: Features of free and paid subscriptions

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ME-QR Plans

In the conditions of rapid digitalization in the world, we have the opportunity to create QR codes for various purposes: to exchange information between users, conduct advertising campaigns, simplify the work of employees, and so on. QR technology is actively used by charitable organizations, government agencies, large corporations, young startups, and ordinary people for personal goals.

ME-QR Subscriptions

That is why the audience coverage of the ME-QR service is growing exponentially. New users often give preference to a free subscription, but many users get paid subscriptions to have access to advanced features. The process of creating a QR code in the generator is identical, but the functions of the service are different.

First, you should decide which ME-QR plan is right for you. Let's take a look at the available tariffs of our QR code generator and discuss their benefits.

Free version of ME-QR

In addition to the versatility of QR codes as a convenient tool for any purpose, the QR code generator attracts users with an extensive list of functions. It is enough to open the ME-QR service and get acquainted with its free options. Among the most popular are:

Free QR Generator
Free QR Subscription
  • сreation of codes of different types, for example, for links, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, images, and other content;
  • unlimited number of codes and scans, option to determine the duration of codes and customize their designs;
  • access to the valuable statistics of QR codes you can use to analyze the target audience behavior, increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, optimize marketing costs, etc.;
  • creation of dynamic QR codes, which allow editing the code type, its content, design, and other settings;
  • option to change the QR code domain so that the user is redirected to the specified domain after scanning the code.

Thus, you can not only generate a QR code but also customize its functions and the way it looks. The free ME-QR subscription offers 100 Mb for file storage. All this for $0/month.
Please note that when scanning QR codes, your users will see advertisements before accessing the encrypted content. If you don't want it, consider getting a paid subscription.

Overview of ME-QR paid subscriptions

Among paid tariff plans, we have 3 options: light, monthly and annual. How do they differ?

"Light" is the simplest tariff costing $5/month. Its key advantage over the free subscription is the ability to use a QR code without advertisements (1 code per month).

Simple QR Tariff
Functional QR Subscription

All other codes will contain advertisements, but as before, their number is not limited. This is the right tariff if you don't plan to generate many QR codes but don't want your users to see banner ads. Please note: when getting several "Light" subscriptions, you still have the option to create only one code without advertisements per month. You should choose a different plan if you need more QR codes without ads.

"Month" is the most functional subscription option that costs $9.99/month. All QR codes you create will be displayed without advertisements, and the amount of file storage you need to store the content uploaded to the codes will increase to 500 Mb. You will also have the option to increase the available space up to 100 Mb for $0.99. Plus, you will automatically receive a Premium subscription to the ME PAGE service at no additional cost.

Profitable QR Plan

Important! All tariff plans are a subscription. This means that when purchasing any plan, the user agrees to the terms of the automatic withdrawal of funds. You must log into your account or contact support to manage your subscription. Deleting an account does not cancel a subscription.

"Year" is the most profitable tariff plan. You pay $69 once a year and save $51. Like the "Month" package, the "Year" package includes the maximum amount of functions of the ME-QR QR code generator.

Chose ME-QR Plan

How to choose the best plan?

Just focus on your needs and preferences. Both the free version of ME-QR and paid subscriptions aim to meet your needs. You can use the basic version if you do not need support and large file storage.

Opt for a monthly or annual tariff plan if you do not want your users to see advertisements but immediately get access to the content encoded in QR codes. To use the service for maximum benefit, choose a Premium subscription.

Check out the detailed plan descriptions to learn more about the functions of the ME-QR service. In addition, we have created a page with detailed specifications of the available packages and explained the benefits of each. Also, you can choose and get the right subscription to realize the full potential of dynamic QR codes!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your original QR will remain, but it is necessary to have them in the account. If the code is not in the account, please contact us and send the code and the account's email.
Yes, ads will be removed but the code should be in the account.
No, all your codes will work just ads will be shown again
You with delete your account in the Personal Information section, but do not forget to cancel your subscription before doing so. If you have difficulties with the subscription - please contact
You can stop your subscription in the account under Premium Subscription. You can also contact support via live chat or email us in the Support section of your account and we will help you.
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