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Many companies in various fields have been using QR codes for a long time because of their valuable advantages: easy distribution of information, ease of interaction with users, effective use of modern marketing tactics, and so on. Therefore, we see a certain trend of companies choosing to create a QR code as one of their business strategy directions.

However, as evidence shows, QR technology can become a valuable tool in the government circles of many countries that have been affected by massive digitalization. Let's take a look at examples that describe the benefits of using a QR code generator and the QR codes themselves by government agencies.


Easily share official information

You need to disseminate both standard and new information. This can be information about the opening hours of a particular government organization, news about a leadership change, extracts from the agenda, and so on. Depending on the authority, the volume and importance of disseminated information can vary significantly.

In any case, it’s very easy to create a QR code, encrypt the necessary information and distribute it. For example, add any application template in PDF to the QR code so users can view the example and create the document themselves.

Share QR Information


Improve communication between parties

Improve QR Communication

There are different barriers between people and the authorities. Misunderstandings, limited time, technical difficulties - all of this significantly interferes with correct and successful communication. With the advent of social networks, instant messengers, and other modern technologies, these barriers began to decrease significantly. And thanks to QR technology, you can almost completely overcome the barriers.

It’s enough to make a QR code using a link to a chat with an attached electronic business card or a feedback form to exchange emails. Such a simple step will help prevent significant bureaucratic costs and give people answers to their questions.


Receive valuable feedback and suggestion

Feedback is an indispensable source of information not only in business, but also in public affairs. The government needs to know the current opinions of the people to make the right decisions in the name of the common good.

Using the QR code generator, you can easily create a QR code that will collect feedback on the work of one state structure or another, opinions on decisions taken, and suggestions for improving the life of the city or the country. It's a simple yet powerful way to interact with your audience and get valuable feedback on any activity.

Receive QR Review


Provide versatile assistance

Provide QR Assistance

Thanks to the multifunctionality of the QR code generator, you have the opportunity to help people virtually. From searching for the answer to the right question to making an appointment, various services can be provided through the QR code.

For example, when entering the Division of Administrative Services, it’s enough for a visitor to scan a QR code through a QR scanner or a smartphone camera to find out which office one needs to contact to resolve a specific issue. On the one hand, this will simplify the work of government officials, allowing them to spend working hours on really important things. On the other hand, it’ll be clear and comfortable for a citizen to contact the authorities.

With the help of modern QR codes, government bodies and organizations can significantly improve the performance of their duties to the people. By introducing QR technology, you can try to bridge the gap between the population and the authorities.

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