Top 8 myths about modern QR codes

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QR Codes Myths

The peak interest in QR technology has led to many myths about it. Some are utterly ridiculous, and others lie somewhere between truth and fiction. This makes users wonder whether they need a QR code generator or QR scanner.

How QR myths are born

Myths about QR

The more popular QR technology gets, the more myths occur. You can generate QR codes for businesses, charities, government agencies, educational institutions, personal tasks, etc. It all depends on your goals.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, QR codes became the subject of many more discussions. One of the popular topics in these discussions is how the QR code design affects success. But there are some destructive statements as well.

It would help if you distinguished facts from fiction to generate a QR code successfully and use it effectively. So let’s debunk the 8 most popular QR code myths.

QR with Link

Myth #1. QR codes can be used only for links

It's true that "make a QR code with a link" is the most popular query. However, you can make a PDF QR code or add other content, such as video, image, presentation, etc.

Myth #2. You can’t replace the QR code content

This statement is true if you create a static QR code, as you can't set or edit it. You can always change settings if you make a dynamic QR code (and you can realize it with the ME-QR service). For instance, you can turn the previously created vCard QR code into the URL QR code.

Content for QR
QR Code Safety

Myth #3. Scammers can steal your QR code

In theory, the QR code can redirect to a fraudulent site or malicious application with a virus, so it is essential to follow the tips on safe code scanning. Another thing to remember is that hackers can never change existing QR codes; only the person who created them can do it.

Myth #4. It’s not easy to scan a QR code 

This is one of the QR technology myths that is easiest to debunk. To read the code, you point your smartphone camera at the image and scan it. You can also scan the QR code on your computer or laptop.

Scan QR Codes
QR Code Statistics

Myth #5. QR code has no analytical value

You can access valuable statistics for your marketing campaign analytics if you use a dynamic QR code. Depending on the QR code generator, this data can include users' locations, scanning devices, date and time, etc.

Myth #6. QR code design doesn't attract the attention

Yes, every code has a typical default design. But you can change the color and corners style, add a logo and call to action, set a frame, etc., to customize the layout to your liking and make your code more eye-catching.

QR Code Design
QR Code Performance

Myth #7. QR codes are easily damaged

Even if the code is damaged by 30%, it will still function. Thus, scratches and other defects cannot significantly affect the QR code readability and provoke scanning errors.

Myth #8. QR code has limited functionality

On the contrary: you can upload images, videos, presentations, PDFs to QR codes, and other content. You can edit options (e.g., add a password to protect the data, set a scan limit, etc.). So the opportunities that modern QR codes provide are constantly expanding.

QR Code Functions

All the myths mentioned above make no sense because the bulk QR code generator lets you make QR codes for any purpose. So feel free to create interactive codes and use them to your advantage!

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