How to choose the best QR code generator

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If you used to have the best, then you need the most functional, efficient, and convenient service to work with QR codes. Let's get consider the five QR code generators that have earned the highest ratings and users’ trust to date.

TOP QR code generators in 2022

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The best dynamic QR code generators (according to popularity) are QR Code Generator, QRTY, Flow Code, QR Code Monkey, and ME-QR. All these services allow you to create the QR code online for different types of content.

You can create a code, for example, for your electronic business card, social media account, Android or iOS app, quick connection to Wi-Fi, and more. The most popular and simplest type of the QR code is a code with a link. Its main purpose is to redirect the user to the required web address by instantly scanning the code with a camera or QR scanner. In such a code, you can encrypt, for instance, a direct URL to a specific site or a link to download files.

So the first step to creating a code is to figure out what type of information you want to encrypt. Next, you’ll be required to fill in a few fields before you generate the QR code.

Editing and customizing the QR code

The functional QR code generator allows you more than just to create new codes. Let's imagine that you already have a generated QR code that you want to edit. For example, you want to replace one link with another. In this case, you need the QR generator that will allow you to create the QR code of a dynamic type.

Unfortunately, services that offer the creation of only static codes don’t provide such an option, therefore, they significantly limit the possibilities of QR technology for the user. Discover ME-QR! This is the functional QR code generator that has a user-friendly interface and offers dynamic QR codes. Create and edit codes for free. To access all the features of the service, you only need to register.

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Now compare ME-QR with the services mentioned above: they also offer the option to edit codes, but only after purchasing a subscription. Prices for the services of these dynamic code generators start at $5.62 per month and up, depending on the conditions offered by the chosen service. ME-QR is a more rational choice.

After creating the code, you’ll have additional options. For example, you can choose a design, select a frame, adjust the color, add a logo, etc. Knowing how to make a QR code for free, all you have to do is download and print the code for future use.

Popular questions and answers about QR code generators

How to find out the statistics of your QR code scans?
It’s easy if you use ME-QR. Our top free QR code generator not only provides the ability to create and edit codes but also allows you to track valuable statistics. Of course, the feature is free for all registered users.

What to do if your QR code has a scan limit
Let’s deal with this problem together with ME-QR: all our QR codes have an unlimited number of scans and don’t stop working after a week, month, year, etc. Other QR generators may require you to pay for a subscription to remove the limits on the number of scans.

How much does it cost to use ME-QR service?
All other top QR code generators involve a subscription pay and a fee to use the service, but if you choose ME-QR you won't have to pay extra for anything. All functions of our best QR code generator are free, as well as the technical support. The only paid option is a premium plan - the subscription that allows you to completely get rid of ads. It costs $5 per code, $9.99 per month or $69 per year.

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