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Every QR code is created with a specific purpose. For example, to increase website traffic, grow social media awareness, increase the number of app downloads in App Store or Play Market, etc. The code's final goal may vary but will only be achievable if users make scans.

The more scans, the closer you are to your goal. This is a simple piece of advice to keep in mind. Therefore, when using a QR code generator, you must focus on making a code that will interest users.

Features of an eye-catching QR code

QR Code Features

The effectiveness of QR codes is directly connected with their designs. A successful QR code design encourages users to pay attention to the code and scan it to open the content on their smartphones. 

However, design is one of many factors determining your QR code's popularity among users. Key details include the code placement, encrypted content, mistakes in the generation process, etc. 

Users are unlikely to scan QR codes for curiosity. It's critical to add valuable content to the code and justify its value. For instance, add a robot vacuum cleaner manual in PDF to the QR code. It would be convenient for users to keep the manual in electronic form.

By the way, the mistakes you make in the QR code creation process can lessen the number of scans. For example, you should have followed the guides on how to make a scannable QR code. Instead, you placed the image for scanning on a moving object, a mirrored surface, crumpled material, and so on. 

How to generate and customize the QR code correctly

It is easy to generate a QR code with text, video, links, and other content. Still, it's critical to make the code distinctive. So keep in mind the details of a successful QR code and use them to get a large number of scans.

Unique QR Design

Unique QR code design

The code design process includes choosing the corners style and pattern color, selecting the frame, and many other settings. Some users create a QR code with a default style, but a unique design makes the code and the ad campaign more noticeable.

Efficient QR CTA

Clear call to action

The call to action plays a significant role since it directly affects the number of scans. Think of a short, precise, and exciting phrase that will encourage your users to act, for instance, the QR code with a text below calling to scan. It should be a simple request of up to 5 words, for example, "scan and learn more", "order our service now", etc.

Optimal QR Placement

Optimal QR code placement

After you have generated the QR code, find a good place to put it. This is a strategic task: it is essential to put the code on a place that is easily noticeable by users. And the surface should not be too wrinkly or mirror-like.

QR Benefits Description

Comprehensible description of QR code benefits

Most modern users know how to scan QR codes but need additional motivation. The number of scans increases if you tell people directly why they should do it. Consider the benefits of your code and create it using the QR code generator with the text below, for example, "scan the QR code and get a discount coupon".

Remember that your QR codes deserve a maximum number of scans. So follow these simple tips to create, set up, and place them correctly.

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