How to make a clear and effective call to action for a QR code

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CTA for QR

QR codes perfectly fit modern marketing because they encourage users to engage with ads and motivate them to take a specific action. And if you generate a QR code with a powerful CTA, you get the most effective tool to interact with your target audience.

Features of a call to action for a QR code

The call to action (CTA) is one of the essential elements of an effective code. It encourages users to take action when they see a QR code. For example, to order a service, buy a product, contact a company representative, etc. The code with a call to action aims to tell the target audience why it is worth scanning and, as a result, increase the conversion rate.


Features of CTA
Create QR Code

You must think through, test, and make an interesting CTA for the QR code beforehand. With the ME-QR QR code generator, you can easily customize the code design, including the text and the call-to-action style. To do this, you should:

- choose the desired content type and download it;

- go to the "Customize QR code" page;

- select the "Add text" button in design settings and type in your CTA;

- you can change the color and font of your call to action text using the corresponding buttons. 

You can also make a QR code without a call to action using just an image to scan. And then, add the appropriate text to your future design layout - for your banner, poster, business card, etc. This method of CTA placement is suitable for a call to action that consists of a long phrase or a few sentences.

Tips for creating a winning CTA

Now you see, you better create a QR code online with CTA for your advertising campaigns. Such a short phrase positively affects campaign success: users will gladly scan codes and access the necessary information, which as a result, will help improve the scanning statistics.

Scanning QR Statistics
Write CTA QR

To write a compelling call to action for a QR code, follow several recommendations:

- use short and clear phrases. The best CTAs contain up to 5 words, ideally 2-3. They should be written in simple words that users will understand. Even commonplace phrases like "Order a product" and "Sign up now" will work because they have no additional meaning;

- use imperative forms of action verbs. They have a direct effect on users' minds. Such words include “get”, “buy”, “sign up”, “start”, “register”, and “do”;

- do not overdo the number of CTAs. It is enough to create a QR code, choose an effective design, and add one clear message. This is a general strategy for a successful advertising campaign based on QR technology. Otherwise, when users see several CTAs, they are more likely to get confused than to take the desired action;

- choose a good placement for your CTA close to the QR code. Make it prominent - that way, users will immediately notice the call and take the desired action.

QR Code Generator

A modern QR code is not just an encoded link, picture, or video. The QR code is an interactive tool that has a lot of potential. You need to know how to use the QR code generator and its advantages.

From now on, always pay attention to the wording and place the call to action close to the QR code. Add effective CTAs for the success of your advertising campaigns!