How to increase webinar conversions using QR codes

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Webinars are a popular online education format that implies one-time or regular learning used by millions worldwide. It’s not surprising that the peak of the popularity of such web conferences fell just at the time of the global pandemic in the world.

Although there’s a considerable interest of people in participating in webinars, the need for advertising your events remains. Use a modern generator and learn how to make a QR code for free to multiply the success of your online conference.
The role of the QR code generator in promoting webinars
Webinars present two significant benefits. Firstly, a unique opportunity to interact with a large number of participants in a short period. Secondly, a real chance to increase sales of related products among your target audience. The main thing is expanding user reach and significantly standing out from the competition.
Promoting Webinars
If you generate a QR code for your online event, you can achieve better results. See how the lead generation system works through webinars:
QR Webinar Registration
- users register to participate in a web conference (for example, on a website);
QR Webinar Information
- you provide them with valuable information on a given topic;
QR Products Purchasing
- you offer participants to buy your products, for example, an advanced training course, software, etc.
Additionally, you can make use of user registration data for future projects. As an option, send out email newsletters with free and paid training materials. In all these cases, a QR code generator will come in handy: create codes so that any user can easily and quickly access information about your webinar.
How to generate a QR code for a webinar
By applying a functional generator, you can actively use all its advantages. As a preliminary step, you need to develop your webinar from scratch to completion. First of all, build a strategy for the future online seminar, including the concept, main training content, supporting materials, etc.

This stage is the longest and most time-consuming one, and its duration depends entirely on webinar organizers. Then rely on the QR code generator, and in a few minutes, the system will generate the code for you. Follow this simple guide:
Generate QR Codes
QR Code Generator
- focus on promoting the webinar through QR technology. Target your product or business area to find the best QR code use cases for advertising. Choose the content you want to encrypt into the code and the most optimal places for placement;

- think over the QR code design. Choose an attractive color and add a frame. Also, if necessary, configure the settings of your code. For example, add a password to the QR code to conduct an online seminar for a limited circle of people;

- advertize the webinar. The most popular option is to make a QR code using a link to a landing page created for your web conference. You can do this through the Me-Page service to let interested users know all the event details. They also often generate codes for online seminar accounts on social networks.
Webinars are a trendy format of training conferences nowadays. Create a QR code to get even more impressive success. Add valuable content to the code to motivate users to join your online seminar!

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