QR codes at the airport as a functional and effective tool

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Finally, people can travel after a long break and numerous limitations. And this means that airports will be crowded again. There will be thousands of passengers as well as seers-off and welcomers. Obviously, in the current conditions, there are some risks and limitations, but thanks to the QR code generator, airports can provide people with safer and more convenient conditions.

Why do airports actively use QR codes?

From checking in for a flight to getting detailed information about services, QR codes are multifunctional and very easy to use. On the one hand, upon applying QR codes the airport management demonstrates its concern for each passenger, and on the other hand, it simplifies and speeds up all the necessary procedures.

Today, passengers’ safety is the priority for airports and airlines cooperating with them. For this reason, the airport management prefers to use modern contactless technology that helps make a QR code using a link, image, or file in any format, as well as not use outdated and unsafe ways of interacting with people. This is reason #1, although there are many other QR code benefits to consider.

Multifunctional QR Code

Examples of popular QR code types for airports

In fact, the scopes of interactive QR code applications are endless. You can generate a QR code for entertainment, advertising, personal, business purposes, etc. And among the many QR technology advantages for airports, it’s worth highlighting the TOP 5 most popular options for passengers.

1. Safe informing

The pandemic experience has taught many people to touch objects and surfaces in public places as little as possible. Using a QR code generator, you can generate a countless number of QR codes that encode the information you need, for instance, the QR code for baggage wrapping points or contactless check-in. This approach will help passengers maintain social distance and avoid unnecessary contact.

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2. Goods and services advertising

The airport opens up a wide range of opportunities for online and offline advertisers. But since many people are in a hurry or focused on their personal affairs, they simply don't have time to learn more about your offer. You can create a QR code to advertise a store or establishment so passengers can check out the information later.

3. QR code for Wi-Fi

The ability to use the Internet at the airport is a matter of course. But people can get confused by the names of networks and not know which one to connect to. Display QR codes prominently in each area where a particular Wi-Fi is available, and passengers won't connect to the wrong networks. Optionally, set up a QR code for Wi-Fi with a password. In this case, you can limit access to the network, preventing possible failures due to the influx of users.

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4. Parking via QR code

Airport parking is a sore subject for all drivers. If you generate QR codes for such purposes, you can significantly simplify the parking process: reduce queues and help keep visitors from being late. You can also set up a payment method for parking via the QR code.

5. Contactless registration

Multifunctional QR codes allow contactless use of check-in desks and electronic boarding passes. This approach reduces waiting times, minimizes contact with other people, reduces paperwork, and even helps take care of nature.

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As you can see, the QR code generator can facilitate and improve the interaction of users with content. You can generate the code with any content to fit a wide range of airport visitor needs. Arriving in a large or small city, people will notice QR codes in a broad variety of formats: on posters, check-in counters, shop signs, etc.

It’s enough to scan the QR code through a smartphone camera or a QR scanner to get all the necessary information without contact. It upgrades the experience of being at the airport!