How to ensure the successful holding of contests and giveaways by applying QR codes

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Prize drawings, giveaways, contests, and other gift-giving events are one of the most effective marketing tactics. It allows you to draw great attention to your company, website, or page on social networks. Potential buyers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with your products or services for free, and in the future, they’ll want to purchase them.

By running giveaways, you can significantly improve brand awareness, reach a large target audience, and increase the number of customers. To get the most out of advertising through contests, we encourage you to create a QR code and take advantage of all the benefits it provides.


Features of using QR codes for giveaways

Giving away prizes for performing simple actions is a very easy, low-cost, and effective advertising strategy that can go viral. All you need to do is choose a gift that can pique the interest of your audience and come up with easy participation conditions. Next, you need to use the QR service, generate a QR code and distribute it.

A small investment as a gift to the winner and the use of a QR code generator is incomparable to the financial and time resources you need to invest in traditional advertising to achieve similar results. After all, you need to choose one or more participants who will get gifts, while thousands of people will follow the conditions of the contest.

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QR Code Benefits

Depending on giveaway rules, you can achieve different marketing goals. You’ll succeed in:


– to collect a subscriber base for email newsletters (if you need to leave your email address to participate in the give);

- increase the number of subscribers to your social media accounts (provided that the contestant must subscribe to your page);

– increase the amount of traffic on your site;

- improve your brand awareness on the Internet;

– introduce your target audience to a new product or service.


Thus, the possibility to create a QR code excellently complements the advantages of holding prize drawings and giveaways on the web.


Tips on how to create a QR code for the contest:

– choose the optimal size of the QR code. The number of purchases from mobile devices prevails over purchases made from computers. Users scan QR codes using smartphones, so it’s important to choose the code size that is easy to use;


– customize the QR code’s design. You can choose the color, frame, and logo you want. This will help make the code more unique so that users don’t perceive your invitation to participate in the contest as spam;


– place QR codes in the appropriate places. Avoid mistakes related to posting or printing QR codes in the wrong places so as not to negate the entire advertising campaign. When it comes to holding giveaways, the best way is to post the code on social networks, on the official website, or on your product packaging;

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– track the statistics of your QR codes. By using dynamic QR codes you can get detailed information about the effectiveness of your code. For example, how many times it was scanned, how many people used it, in which region, etc.;


– reuse QR codes. If your contest is held, the winner is announced and the gifts are delivered, don't rush to delete the dynamic code. You can edit its title, content, and design and use it later.

The ME-QR service invites you to create the dynamic type of QR code that will increase the success of your contests and make it easier to promote your company, and your services or products!